Top Posts

There are certain blog posts of mine that seemed to gain more traction, views and likes. Here you can find my top articles from different categories, as well as top articles from my different columns:


The Last Lecture (Chem Camp 2013): This is Real Life (a post about how we often talk about preparing for life when every single moment we live here on earth is real life)

When You Fall on your Knees…The World Still Goes On  (reflections from a few days after I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament which completely changed the way I looked at life)


Notes, Insights and Takeaways of an aspiring college entrepreneur from CS 183: How to start a Startup by Sam Altman

Student Entrepreneurship is Not a Science: Weiss Tech House Panel

Business While Doing Good: Social Entrepreneurship in Washington D.C.


A Table of Really Good Desserts: College (Reflections from my first few months in college)

Connecting the Dots I’ve Collected in my First Three Months in College

High School:

Finally a High School Graduate

Will you go to Ball with me? (How I ballposed through the newspaper)

Student Entrepreneurs for a weekend 


Philippine Daily Inquirer (you can go to my PDI column here):

My Stint as an SM Grocery Bagger (This was the number one read of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for one whole week, garnering more than 200 comments and 14,000 shares)

Words of Wisdom From the Warren Buffet of the Philippines (Lessons I learned from my interview with the President of the top stock brokerage in the Philippines)

Huffington Post (you can go to my HuffPost column here):

6 Life Lessons We Can Learn From the Movie: Interstellar

4 Penn Students Share their Big Idea in TEDxPenn Launch Session Philly (you can go to my column here):

Did 3 Penn Freshman Build the Future of Vision at PennApps X?

How this Penn undergrad is disrupting volunteerism

Penn undergrads launched Black Box Denim to make shopping for jeans super easy


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