Starting the Social Start-Up

Awesome tips on Starting a social startup by a Penn student.



This summer, I was given the opportunity to start a social enterprise called Sweet Bites. Last March, my five-person team of Penn students won a position as finalists in an social entrepreneurship competition called the Hult Prize. The “Prize” is 1 million USD in seed funding for one of the six finalists. With the milli to motivate us, we built up Sweet Bites in 5 months into an operation that takes most founders two years.

Sweet Bites was created to lift the burden of dental heath problems in urban slums worldwide. Our product is simple; many children living in slums already spend their little pocket change on it: Chewing Gum. Sweet Bites is a chewing gum sweetened 100% with Xylitol, a sugar substitute proven to reduce the number of cavities in people develop over time. People in Finland have been using it as a dental health supplement for years, and…

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