Hello World

Hello World

Entering college, I had not realized that I would be saying “Hello” to a whole new world. But yes, “Hello World” is a phrase that represents a lot of new things for me. More than just all the new experiences of adjusting to college life and to a whole new culture, college for me has been about learning new things, stepping out of my comfort zone and answering my curiosities.

My first program :) "Hello World" Pikachu edition

My first program 🙂 “Hello World” Pikachu edition

Having said this, I’ve always wanted to learn how to code. Running my own blog, media startup and starting a couple of other few projects, I’ve seen how powerful knowing how to navigate the web and create products using the web can be.

Yes, I’ve tried learning before. In fact, I even dabbled trying to figure things out through tutorials in Udacity and Codecademy but with the lack of time and patience, I ended up with just sticking to my basic working knowledge of HTML and WordPress from my blogging experience.

Then I got to Penn. And I quickly realized that I should just “Do it Choco” and try learning to code one more time. I was skeptical before. I mean, how could people spend hours and hours typing down lines of code?

Enter me taking CIS 110 (Introduction to Computer Science and Programming) and attending the codeweekend hosted by the Dining Philosophers (Penn’s Computer Science club) and PennApps. Before I knew it, I saw firsthand the magic in those colorful lines of code. Although it takes time, and effort, it can be extremely rewarding. You get to see your code come alive with your very two eyes.

These colorful lines of code can actually be so powerful :)

These colorful lines of code can actually be so powerful 🙂

Seeing my first few lines of code come alive into “Hello World” and then later on a Pikachu drawing was just so fulfilling and exhilarating for me. I was actually creating cool things (well, at least cool from my perspective) that I never would’ve imagined; simply put, I was hooked.

The next few days and even up to now, I’ve been going on Codecademy.com pouring over tutorial after tutorial and trying to learn as much as I can. There’s honestly just so much to learn, but I guess I have to start somewhere, sometime, and I think NOW is the perfect time.

After codeweekend and a few codecademy tutorials, I've learned how to create landing pages and simple websites :D

After codeweekend and a few codecademy tutorials, I’ve learned how to create landing pages and simple websites 😀

The Beauty in Programming

I guess the fulfillment of seeing lines of code actually turn into something is what continues to motivate me to learn more about programming and computer science. It’s just this amazing feeling of being able to create something out of nothing that has really piqued my interest. I’m really looking forward to creating more sophisticated stuff through programming, and hopefully, in the long run, create products and services that people all around the world can use.

The greatest entrepreneurs and programmers started as beginners so here I am starting my coding journey as well, all I can say to the CS community is “Hello World.” 🙂


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