The Start Of A Whole New Chapter

The past week has been a week filled with adventures. Going to Batch Bora was the culmination of senior year; it was a celebration of the 4 years we spent in High School. But more than that, it also symbolized the start of a whole new chapter.

This new beginning was emphasized for me as I left Bora early to go to the Penn Admit Celebration Day. I already felt a different vibe as I stepped into the Teach For Philippines Office. The excitement peaked even further as I got to meet Mr. Eric Gotuaco the head of the Penn Alumni Association but more importantly a fellow Xaverian. Then, things continued to get even better as we heard Mr. Pikki Lopez talk about his Penn experiences and why we shouldn’t be afraid to take those obscure classes.

Picture with the Penn Alumni

Picture with the Penn Alumni

And as I got to talk to the different Penn Alumni, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to start my Penn journey. There seems to be so many things to do and so many places to explore. Hearing about their different experiences and the different classes they were able to take left me in awe.

Fast forward a few days later and here I am about to fly to the US and visit the city of dreams. I remember when I first read about Silicon Valley and how it was the birthplace of all the amazing ideas, products, businesses and services around the world.

Throughout the last two years, I’ve always wanted to see the magic for myself. I’d read countless of articles about the birth of the different startups in Silicon Valley. I’ve read about the stories of countless of entrepreneurs and their road to success.

It’s amazing how in a few hours, I’ll be able to visit the hub of entrepreneurship and the headquarters of some of the most revolutionary companies in the world. I can’t wait to meet even more people and learn from their stories. I’m going to take everything in like a sponge. This is the start of a whole new chapter and I’m going to make it count.



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