The “Last Full Show”, and A Dance That Doesn’t End Here

It was around a month ago when I ballposed to my friend from ICA through the newspaper and in a blink of an eye, our Grad Ball is all over. That was it, our last full show.

We weren’t little kids anymore running around the playground.  We weren’t high school freshmen anymore excited for all the interactions with girls’ schools. We were fine young gentleman enjoying one of the last events in high school.

Time certainly didn’t wait for us. So many things have happened since we’ve stepped on the grounds of Xavier School. A lot of us have gone through so many different things in the last 4 years in high school, yet here we all were gathered for one last time.

For one night we got to sit down with our dates and appreciate everything we’ve been through in high school. They say that the Grad ball is a rite of passage, a last event that is supposed to celebrate the end of high school; and true enough, it was and so much more.

Many thanks to Mai Ting for making my "Last Full Show" a memorable one :)

Many thanks to Mai Ting for making my “Last Full Show” a memorable one 🙂

As they played the throwback and grad ball video, I couldn’t help but feel sentimental as pictures starting from our very first day in Xavier School to the Grad ball event itself flashed. Yet, part of me didn’t want to believe that the night was soon coming to an end. As I dropped my date off her house and said good bye, I couldn’t believe how just like that another last in high school was over.

Suddenly, the future seemed so uncertain. There are so many possibilities and things that can happen. Honestly, I am scared of the future. I don’t even know where I’ll end up for college. I don’t even know what country I’ll be studying in. Yet I know that in a week, I’ll be graduating from high school already.

It’s sad how the race is almost over. This past year, we’ve gone through so much and then suddenly, here we are just watching the days go by as graduation nears. Ultimately, it truly has been a show that will always be part of our lives. But even the best movies have to have an ending and that ending for us high school seniors is coming soon.

Yet I don’t plan to say goodbye to high school because like J.M. Barrie from Peter Pan said, “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

And so I’d like to end this blogpost with a stanza from one of the most touching songs during our grad ball, “Can I Have This Dance” from High School Musical 3:

Oh no mountains too high enough, oceans too wide

Cause together or not, our dance won’t stop

Let it rain, let it pour

What we have is worth fighting for

You know I believe, that we were meant to be

No matter what happens after we leave high school, the bonds we made in high school won’t disappear because together or not, we will always have pieces of each other (our friends) in our memories. They say that somethings aren’t meant to last forever but I believe that the dance doesn’t end here because high school memories are meant to last forever.



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