A Priceless Night …. just like all those high school memories :)

Today we underwent the National Achievement Test (NAT) administered by DEPED to be taken by all senior graduating high school students.

But for me, this day was more than just about taking a standardized test that is suppose to test everything we’ve learned in the past 4 years. For me, taking the NAT was another reminder and symbol that graduation is getting closer and closer and that high school is about to officially come to an end.

And so as I finished answering the test early, I initially thought of taking a nap then I realized that there was something else I had to do so I went ahead and took out pieces of paper from my notebook binder and started jotting down notes. I wasn’t just jotting down any kind of notes. I was jotting down everything I’ve learned in the past year in every subject. I was trying to recall all the lessons and takeaways I got from every subject. I listed down all the sabaw moments i had in the past year from my different classes and teachers.

Then I realized that it truly has been one hell of a journey indeed filled with so many lessons, insights, realizations, memories, experiences, takeaways that go beyond the classroom. Simply put, it has been a school year like no other.

And then there was the dinner and outing I had with some of my classmates tonight and wow, I will really miss being a high school student.

At Men San with a few of my super sabaw classmates!

At Mien San with a few of my super sabaw classmates!

As we recalled all our memorable high school experiences, I realized that these are the same moments that we will forever remember. Funny how what we remember are the moments when we accomplished an extremely difficult project on the day the project was due, when we made fools out of ourselves in class, when we laughed our hearts out as our teacher did something uncanny, when we did something stupid in front of our crush, when we did something only high school students would think of doing.

Seeing my friends recall all these moments and reenact them, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at how crazy we were. Here we are, supposedly a bit more mature and about to enter a whole new world in college, but still actually the same high school students who tried to order in the Mcdo drive through without a car only to realize that our freshman year teacher was actually watching us from inside Mcdo.

They tell us that we will one day have to grow up but I honestly hope that this same high school spirit will still resonate in our souls for the rest of our lives for tonight was a night that showed me that the fun we had in high school is simply put, priceless.

No wonder Jyro had such a hard time counting the money....it's because tonight was a priceless night :)

No wonder Jyro had such a hard time counting the money….it’s because tonight was a priceless night 🙂


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