Last Academic Day in High School – One of the first lasts

I stayed up until 2 am yesterday finishing the last few assessments of the year and here I am staying up again writing this late blog post about our last academic day in Xavier School.

And as I submitted the last few assessments one by one yesterday, I couldn’t believe that I had finally reached the finish line. That was it. No more high school tests or assessments for the rest of my life.



Listening to our teachers give their “last lectures” and final words was really very heart-warming. I mean, you really see a different side of them. These same teachers are unique individuals with their own unique stories. And getting to hear their stories really made our bond even stronger. Suddenly, I didn’t want to leave their class just yet.

Group pic after our last CLE class

Group pic after our last CLE class

Then as I heard the last batch of graduation speeches from my classmates, all the feels starting coming out of me. All these graduation speeches have really been making me sentimental. It’s been so awe-inspiring and heart warming hearing all my classmates recall all their different experiences throughout their Xavier journey.

Because no matter how much regrets I have and how happy I am that I don’t have any more academics to worry about for now, I really wish that I could go through one more year of high school with my class.  There are so many things I’m going to miss about the A-men.

Simply put, even a million words wouldn’t be able to encapsulate what a high school journey it has been so I’ll just share the lyrics from my favorite song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas for these lyrics best describe what I’m feeling right now.

Let it go,

Let it roll right off your shoulder

Don’t you know, the hardest part is over

Let it in, let your clarity define you

In the end, you will only just remember how it feels

Our lives are made in these small hours

These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate

Time falls away but these small hours

These small hours still remain

Yes, and there goes the last academic day in high school. The hardest assessments, lessons and tests are finally over. And we probably won’t remember all the lessons we learned in high school but we will definitely remember how it felt going through those late nights, study sessions, chinese classes and all the other memories we had in the school year because, time may fall away but these small hours will always remain in our hearts.

Time spent with the A-men was worth every second

Time spent with the A-men was worth every second

It truly has been an amazing year like no other. I’m glad that I got to check off several things from my high school bucketlist from getting some teachers to tear up to singing in front of the class during my speech assessment.

Like they say, the end of something is usually the start of something new. But right now, it isn’t the end yet. This is just the first of many more lasts that Batch 2014 will be experiencing in the next few weeks so I shall save the rest of my million words for posts in the upcoming days and weeks as I slowly but surely say goodbye to high school.


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