Are we actually living life or something else?

What if the world we live in is just a lie? As I continue to read the latest installment of the Divergent Trilogy Allegiant, I’ve started to ponder upon whether or not the world we live in is just a world within a world. 

Along with our current lessons in CLE class on argument by design which talks about the philosophy of design and how every object that exists must have a designer, I’ve been asking myself day in and day out what the true meaning of life is.

Time has flew by quickly. My days as a high school student in Xavier are numbered. Yet sometimes I feel as though it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t care because all things come to an end. I shouldn’t feel happy or sad just because I’m about to graduate already.

Where do these feelings stem from? Why is it sometimes so hard to make decisions? Why is it so hard to live in the present and accept reality?

We talk about all these dreams, all these plans about the future but will we really be able to turn these dreams into reality. More importantly, does it actually matter if we’re able to turn these dreams into a reality?

At what point do we draw the line between thinking about living, dreaming, planning our life and most importantly, living? 


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