SAT subject tests — One Last Time

It’s been quite a while since I last blog. A lot has happened since the fourth quarter has started yet central to everything I’ve been doing in the past few days and weeks is one thing — reviewing for the SATs, one last time.

And finally, this is it. Tomorrow is the day I take my SAT subject tests. Barring any craziness in the future, this will be the last time I’ll be taking the SATs.

It has honestly been a crazy adventure that has gotten me studying like I’ve never studied before. I’ve carried my biology and math books to places I’d never even think of studying in. I’ve poured almost every ounce of my energy and glucose in an attempt to master all the concepts I’ll be needing.

At this point, I’m honestly really tired and drained already. Yet, I can’t give up especially now that the finish line seems so near yet so far.  I can’t forget the reason and purpose I’ve poured so much effort in all this.  I guess more than anything, it’s about making the most out of the opportunity and ultimately, giving it my best shot. Not everything will always go our way but I know that everything happens for a reason.

One part of me feels excited for tomorrow, while the other side of me feels nervous and tense. This is it. I wish I knew what would come out in tomorrow’s test yet life wouldn’t be exciting if things were so predictable. Maybe, I’ll come across a term I’ve never heard of tomorrow.

Maybe, I’ll encounter a mathematical problem that blows my mind away, possibly combining tangents, ellipses, probabilities and permutations into one problem (is that even possible?). Yet, I know I’ve studied; I know I’ve spent countless of hours answering practice tests, watching youtube tutorials, googling terms, learning how to use a graphing calculator, reading the Barron’s book even during class time and all the other desperate measures I’ve resulted to.

And in between all this, I’ve asked myself, what the silver lining is to all this madness? Well, I guess maybe I’ll find out soon enough tomorrow as I go to Brent once again to take the tests, maybe I won’t but I can say, it’s been one hell of an experience studying for Biology E and Math level 2 indeed and I’ll leave it at that….for now.




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