One Year Blogging Anniversary — The Best Is Yet To Be

I know I should be doing some last minute review for my SAT subject tests right now but as I posted my post on taking my last SATs tomorrow just a few minutes ago, I noticed a WordPress notification with a little trophy and as I clicked on it, there it came, “Happy Anniversary with!”

One year of finding the silver lining in every step of the journey

One year of finding the silver lining in every step of the journey

Indeed, time flies. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog. And reading through some of my posts, I can’t help but feel that I’ve somehow learned how to enjoy life more, to make life count a bit more.

Funny how in some ways, I have gone through a 360 degree change but deep down, I’m still the same David who one year ago started this blog with a purpose. This same purpose I guess is what has enabled me to continue blogging about my experiences, learnings and adventures. 

And no matter how much I’ve changed since the day I started my blog, January 23, 2013, I’m actually still the same curious student of life with a bit more love for writing, but just as perplexed with the obscurities of life as I ever was.

A year ago, I definitely wouldn’t have envisioned myself the way I am now yet this is the ultimate beauty in life and all the unpredictable circumstances that come with it. My dreams, aspirations and goals have changed so much ever since I started this blog (Heck, even my diet has changed ever since, I now indulge in junk food and sweets more often hehe). And they will probably continue to change as I enter the next step of my life, but I have my blog to remind me that there’s nothing wrong with change.

With one year under my belt, with over a hundred posts and more than 1000 views per moth, I hope I’ve been able to inspire other people through this blog of mine. I’m truly thankful to everyone who has supported me and been part of this journey so far — it’s been quite a ride.

This blog project of mine has truly been one like no other. It has helped me in countless of ways from being a way to share my insights and learnings with others to just being a constant reminder to me of my goals, dreams and aspirations. Moreover, it has helped me crystallize all the surreal adventures I’ve had in the past year.

Looking forward, I think it’s time to start a new project beginning tomorrow after I finish taking my last SATs. It’s time to work on something bigger. Blogging has been an invaluable experience for me and I will continue to blog and document my adventures, but it’s time to level-up and try to make an even bigger impact in this world, one that I’ve grown to love and appreciate more and more each day through my blog.




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