Last Quarter of Senior Year – Let’s Make It Count

I sat there finishing my common application during New Year until the very next day, pulling off an all night-er after spending the previous week just working on several different drafts.

Then a few days later, the Christmas break is all over. Got to admit, time does fly by quickly. Freshman year seemed just like yesterday yet there I was finishing up my college applications then BOOM!

TOMORROW is finally the start of the final quarter of my senior year. First quarter was the warm-up, second quarter was the start of the race, third quarter was the mid way mark and finally, here it is, the trek to the finish line, the fourth quarter.

Yet, senior year isn’t any ordinary race. Senior year is a journey that should be enjoyed and with one last quarter left in high school, we should just soak everything in and enjoy every moment before we walk down that stage in graduation.

We should be thinking about how to make every single day until graduation memorable. We want to be able to look back and say, “Damn, that was one helluva a senior year.”

In order for that to happen, we shouldn’t be slacking and giving in to senioritis; we should look forward to every last day we have in high school.

In fact, we should be finding ways to make every school day unique, different and simply put, memorable. Step into the classroom with even more passion and intensity, and leave with no regrets or what ifs.

Spend more time with all our classmates and batch mates, even the ones you never talked to the entire year. Thank our teachers by participating in every single class and by showing them the appreciation they deserve.

Have a crazy senior year project or idea? Don’t be afraid to work on it and make it happen. There’s nothing to lose anymore, might as well give it a shot!

Busy thinking about college? College can WAIT because we are still high schoolers and that’s not such a bad thing at all. Just remember all the canteen food, all the Chinese classes, all the recollections, and all the different things you’ll miss about high school. Then realize that you still have one last quarter to enjoy all this.

And no matter how bad your high school life has been, it’s never too late to make these last few months the best ever. It’s not too late to step out of your comfort zone and create lasting memories. It’s not to late to make these last days count.

It’s our last hurrah in high school, so let’s live it to the fullest right from the get go because before you know it, you’ll be sitting there with your future kids talking about these same high school moments.

Throwback to the last day of Freshman year....time really does fly by quickly....

Throwback to the last day of Freshman year….time really does fly by quickly….


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