A Week in Preparation for the Entrep Weekend!!

The last two days have been two of the most hectic days of the quarter. It’s funny how all projects are now actually harder than taking tests.

The thing about group projects is that you’re forced to find ways to get everybody to work. You’re forced to work with every single person whether you like him or not. Furthermore, you have to be creative in finding ways to get everyone to contribute.

Unfortunately, the sad reality of life is that some people will just free load. Some people will just do the bare minimum. While the others who want to do their best goes the extra mile. It’s in these types of projects that you see who really cares and who you can count on.

Looking back however, I have to admit that these last two days have been extreme experiences. I had to force myself to adapt and stay focused on the task.

Group picture during the oral defense :) Looking good fellas!

Group picture during the oral defense 🙂 Looking good fellas!

This 3rd quarter focus on creating our own social enterprise and learning about sustainable and authentic development has been an interesting journey so far. We haven’t reached the zenith of the adventure yet we’ve gone through so many abstruse and novel moments already.

One of the things I’m thankful for today was the fact that I was actually able to finish our documentary video. Through the process of making the video, I was forced to really focus and pay attention to detail. Furthermore, having to subtitle certain parts that were said in English because our documentary was supposed to be in Filipino made it even more of a challenge.

What I hate about video projects though that more often than not, one person ends up doing most of the video because of the fact that it’s very hard to split the task when it comes to projects like these.

Although I felt really stressed as I worked extremely hard and poured in a lot of effort to finish our documentary project, the end feeling when I finally finished making it was worth it. That sense of fulfillment when you get to finish something.

Honestly, these should be the moments we live for. These are the moments we should cherish. It has always been my dream to start my own business and Xavier has allowed us students to venture out and try starting our own social enterprises. I’ve learned that it’s not easy at all but I have a feeling it will be worth it.

This weekend is the big weekend where we will see all our hard work hopefully pay-off. Please come and support Duck Delights this weekend at the Bright Lights Bazaar at Eton Centris Quezon Ave.!


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