Tired of School? Tired of all the responsibilities? Don’t stop, the Story Ain’t Over!

The last few days have been really tiring. After finally taking the SAT reasoning test for a second time last Saturday, I thought I’d finally be able to take a break. Guess what hits me? HELL WEEK. It’s the last two weeks of the Third Quarter already and everything is starting to pile up.

It’s crazy how you barely have time to breathe. There’s always something more to do. There’s always something that I should be doing. All the responsibilities, duties and tasks are really building up once again. Or am I just overwhelmed? How do I balance all these?

Right now, there are just so many things I want to do. There are so many things I want to learn. Yet, I only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Honestly, I miss Prometheus Cup and how I was able to forget about school for a while. Right now, there’s just too much going on. On one hand, you want to make every project, every test, every assessment count simply because it’s my final year in Xavier already. But then again, I’m honestly feeling really languid and drained already. And so despite all these turmoils, I choose to blog. Because it’s when I start to churn out words and think of ways to express myself, I start to remember all the reasons why I choose to push myself to the limit and make every day count.

It’s because I want to tell a story. I want to show others that anything is possible as long as we put our minds into it. I want to show others that even if things don’t always go our way, there’s always a silver lining and lesson to learn. And yes, I want to show others, that every experience, no matter how zealous or how tedious, is still an experience in itself.

Right now, there’s no looking back. I started this year strong. I’ve created myriad of memorable moments already. Why stop now? At the start of the year, it was my goal to make sure that I made the most out of each day. I promised myself that I would make my last year in High School count. High school isn’t over yet and there are still so many things to do. There are still so many memories to be made. There are still a lot more chapters to write before I close this book……LEGGO!!!


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