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2013 – A year of lows, A year of highs, A YEAR TO REMEMBER!

I sit here wondering how Christmas could fly by so quickly this year that I didn’t even feel the Christmas vibes at all. Then suddenly, it’s just a few hours before the start of the new year then it’s already the new year, yet how did I spend this day and the last few days at that? Glued to my laptop, drafting up essay after essay in search for the perfect combination of words that would encapsulate my first 18 years of living as I wrote my personal statements for college applications.

I guess that as this year comes to a close and another new year starts, it’s just right that I actually take a break first from finishing all my College applications and pause for a moment to look back at what an incredible year it has been.

A year of extreme lows and extreme highs, a year like no other indeed :)

A year of extreme lows and extreme highs, a year like no other indeed 🙂

Who would’ve imagined that my lowest moment would catapult me into a much bigger world where I got to venture into new countries and exchange stories with newfound friends?

Honestly, the year 2013 has been my most memorable year so far. From experiencing a right of passage in Prom to attending the Ateneo Chemistry Camp to all the SAT review sessions to tearing my ACL to joining Debate to writing for Inquirer to starting my own business to all the other experiences and moments that I enjoyed with both new and old friends alike, this year truly has been a year like no other and I’m glad, I can one day look back at my blog thankful for every single moment of this year.

2013 truly has been one hell of a ride. As I scroll down right now and look through my blog posts, I can’t help but feel nostalgic as I remember all the laughter and the tears this year has brought me.

Yet in all these moments were silver linings that have ultimately made me realize that anything is possible in this world for life is what we make it – something I will keep in mind in the new year, which will hopefully be just as memorable or even more. Ultimately, no matter how dim and hopeless a moment can be, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel for things do work out for the better!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


Silver Linings in January 2013 – How A Grade 7 Video Blog Started It All

*This Silver Lining Series is to celebrate all the memories, experiences, friends and silver linings in the year 2013. It truly has been a year like no other for me and I’d like to spend a few minutes in these next 8-9 days before the year 2013 comes to a close to simply reminisce upon both the small and big moments of every month of this magical year and how much it has meant to me

January 2013 

I type down into my browser and I scroll down to the very first post of my blog and in this January 24, 2013 blogpost, I come across the link of a video blog that I created in 7th grade about, you guessed it right, blogging. I click on the link and the title, “Changing the way you live with blogging” leaves me speechless as I shake my head in disbelief at how the title of the video I made close to 5 years ago could so perfectly encapsulate what blogging has done for me, yes, without a doubt, it has changed my life.

(Here’s the link to the video blog with 13 year old David in it,

Watching this vlog of mine years ago just brought back so many memories :)) totoy days with weirdo haircut for the win! =))

Watching this vlog of mine years ago just brought back so many memories :)) totoy days with weirdo haircut for the win! =))

It’s mind-blowing how my first blogpost was titled, “A Not So Ordinary Day – Life Is What You Make It” and ever since that day, no day has been an ordinary day for me. This year has been as unordinary as it could get. That day I first decided to start my own personal blog, I remember telling myself that this would be the start of greater things to come. I remember telling myself that 2013 would be the best year and that I had to document all my adventures so that I won’t forget how amazing it will be.

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18th Birthday – A Reminder That I’m Not Just Another Year Older

Birthdays represent a lot of things. It can mean you’re a year older. It can mean that you’re still alive after said years. It can mean a passing of time. And it can also mean that you can now do certain things, I mean, I’m legal now!! But more than that, it can also mean that it’s time to make a bigger ripple in the world. For me, my birthday this year meant all that plus so much more.

I’m really happy that I got to spend these last few days, including my birthday, with friends who made the last few days such surreal experience. There’s just nothing like eating in a buffet, watching a suspense movie, talking about life, playing basketball with your friends on your birthday. I mean, no matter how absurd or nonsensical we get in our conversations, it’s always a good and euphoric time when you’re with your friends. You can’t help but feel invigorated as you laugh your heart out in almost every single word. I definitely couldn’t have asked for anything more especially after the tiring past few weeks. Laughter with friends truly is the best medicine to anything!

There's no dull moment with these guys! Super thankful to have spent my birthday with them!

There’s no dull moment with these guys! Super thankful to have spent my birthday with them!

I honestly can’t believe I’m a year older already. Time really does fly by quickly. I’m finally 18 yet it feels as if I’m still a child. I was expecting to feel radically different on the day of my birthday. Yet I realized that change doesn’t happen in one day and that this 18th year of mine, I’ve already changed so much.

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An Enchanted Last 3 Days – Entrep Weekend + Christmas Gift Giving

The last few days have been so tiring yet so surreal. The Entrep weekend is over. It seemed just like yesterday when the third quarter just started as we sat in the Multi purpose hall listening to a talk about social entrepreneurship yet here we are three days away from the start of Christmas break.

Writing a reflection paper during CLE a while ago about the third quarter Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm experience really made me pause for a moment and think about everything that has happened during this third quarter. It truly has been an amazing adventure like no other. I’ve learned so much this quarter especially during the last three days.

It’s mind blowing how much this third quarter has shaped my dreams and aspirations. The social entrepreneurship curriculum of this quarter has really inspired me to pursue my goals and dreams of becoming a social entrepreneur, starting my own business and creating an innovative product that will forever change the world.

Duck Delights -- Our business Produck that I will forever be passionate about :) This is where it all starts!

Duck Delights — Our business Produck that I will forever be passionate about 🙂 This is where it all starts!

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Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm – Starting Them Young – DUCK DELIGHTS!

As you step into Gawad Kalinga (GK) Enchanted Farm you will be blown away for you can’t help but feel amazed as you see the vast farmlands with unique built centers of entrepreneurship in between. This awe-inspired feeling was the feeling Xavier students felt as we walked into the Hyundai Center for Green Innovation, a social entrepreneurship center made with bamboo for natural cooling and glass to maximize the sunlight, a powerful example in itself of what the Enchanted Farm is all about, sustainable innovation.

The Hyundai Center for Green Innovation!

The Hyundai Center for Green Innovation!

Just from the area itself, you can see that there is so much potential for growth and development. And once you hear the social entrepreneurs speak, you suddenly realize that this potential growth isn’t just potential, it is a possible reality. With a mission to not only educate villagers but to also enable them to start their own social enterprises, Gawad Kalinga (GK) has become a hub for social entrepreneurs. Continue reading

A Week in Preparation for the Entrep Weekend!!

The last two days have been two of the most hectic days of the quarter. It’s funny how all projects are now actually harder than taking tests.

The thing about group projects is that you’re forced to find ways to get everybody to work. You’re forced to work with every single person whether you like him or not. Furthermore, you have to be creative in finding ways to get everyone to contribute.

Unfortunately, the sad reality of life is that some people will just free load. Some people will just do the bare minimum. While the others who want to do their best goes the extra mile. It’s in these types of projects that you see who really cares and who you can count on.

Looking back however, I have to admit that these last two days have been extreme experiences. I had to force myself to adapt and stay focused on the task.

Group picture during the oral defense :) Looking good fellas!

Group picture during the oral defense 🙂 Looking good fellas!

This 3rd quarter focus on creating our own social enterprise and learning about sustainable and authentic development has been an interesting journey so far. We haven’t reached the zenith of the adventure yet we’ve gone through so many abstruse and novel moments already.

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Tired of School? Tired of all the responsibilities? Don’t stop, the Story Ain’t Over!

The last few days have been really tiring. After finally taking the SAT reasoning test for a second time last Saturday, I thought I’d finally be able to take a break. Guess what hits me? HELL WEEK. It’s the last two weeks of the Third Quarter already and everything is starting to pile up.

It’s crazy how you barely have time to breathe. There’s always something more to do. There’s always something that I should be doing. All the responsibilities, duties and tasks are really building up once again. Or am I just overwhelmed? How do I balance all these? Continue reading