SHIFT-ing Dynamics – A Not So Mainstream Movie

Filipino movies have always brought to the table a sense of peculiarity and obscurity but the movie Shift directed by Siege Ledesma takes this to a whole different level. Although Shift is packaged like a mainstream movie, the overarching plot was as different as it could get. No pun intended, but Shift really shifted from what a lot of us would expect from a mainstream drama film! Siege Ledesma was really able to combine aspects of a mainstream film with a riveting and eccentric story line that literally leaves you wanting for more.

Shift is definitely one of the better Filipino movies I've seen!!

Shift is definitely one of the better Filipino movies I’ve seen!!

Lead actor and Filipino pop-star Yeng Constantino was also able to perfectly play Estela, a boyish girl whose personality was a central point of the movie. Contrast that boyish personality of Estela to that of her crush and lover Trevor’s feminine personality, also beautifully played by Felix Roco, and you get a movie that is extremely dynamic, engaging, hilarious and deeper than the surface!  From these facts in themselves, you already know that this movie really pushes the boundaries but at the same time, still sticks to very powerful themes that really make it stand out from other movies!

Covering themes from gender and feminism to social structures active in a young professionals life to the importance of friends in work, Shift is a movie that caters to a wide array of audience while still staying true to the message Siege Ledesma wanted to deliver.

Shift is a Filipino film that should be watched by every single person in the world who wants to know more about not only the call center life but also the way people really think — simply put, Shift is a movie that breaks boundaries, rebuilds them and leaves you in a trance thinking whether or not the nature of life has been playing with you or if you’ve played with life!

You are who you are 

One of the overarching themes of the movie was gender and how it isn’t black and white. The movie really showed me how gender is very ambiguous and how we can’t really judge a person based on our initial reaction. A lot of times, the way a person acts on the surface is a lot different from who he truly is. Most of us try to portray ourselves as this certain persona, trying to fit into a certain mold.

Estela was a perfect example of breaking out of this mold. And yet, her story shows that despite all our flaws and obscure personalities, there will always be someone out there in the world like us. There will always be someone who can relate to our same story. And sometimes, we’re best served when we accept who we truly are for there isn’t one mold that fits all!

Yeng Constantino perfeclty plays Estela, who is someone we can all relate to one way or another!

Yeng Constantino perfeclty plays Estela, who is someone we can all relate to one way or another!

“You don’t need to be a master of anything, you just need to enjoy what you do.”

This is one of the lines that really struck me. Estela, like a lot of us, had myriad of interests and dreams. She wanted to be a singer-songwriter, a photo-journalist and several other things, yet in her pursuit to become all these, she ended up in a miserable cycle of trying to earn the means by half-heartedly working in a call center agency.

The contradiction in her desires was pointed out by one of her workmates and really struck me because a lot of us are in the exact same situation. A lot of us have countless of dreams that we want to pursue and achieve that we are willing to sacrifice so much in the present just to get them. In the process, we forget about the things that really matter and end up becoming miserable.

It truly was a reminder that at the end of the day, sometimes, it’s not about the end goal or being able to become a master at something. Sometimes, the most important part is the process of getting there, and being able to enjoy and really cherish that same process. At the end of the day, the time of your shift doesn’t matter. It can be in the morning or late at night, but what truly matters is what you do during your shift!

“If one thing is taken away from you, this means, there’s something better in store for you.”

Enjoying what you do in the present is extremely important because life is very unpredictable. Life can take away anything and everything from you in an instant. Nothing is ever certain and this is an aspect of life we must not fight. This is wonderful thing that we must relish and immerse ourselves in. Life is a journey of ups and downs. One thing may be taken from you but it isn’t the end for there’s always something better in store for you! Only life itself will tell you when your story ends! As long as it hasn’t, keep living!

Shift was also able to incorporate a couple of light moments that really keeps you engaged!

Shift was also able to incorporate a couple of light moments that really keeps you engaged!

We choose what we want to see

A lot of things in life are the way they are because we choose to see them that way. Because of our preconceived views, sometimes, we fail to realize that what we’ve been looking for is just right in front of us.

“Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” 

This question is a question we often hear in job interviews and what not. This was the same question Estela had to face when applying for a new job. These types of questions are questions that cannot really be answered. Sure, we may have an ideal situation that we envision but these ideal situations never really come true for we experience a profuse amount of changes every single day. For instance, a year ago, I would’ve never imagine that I’d even be writing a blogpost but here I am finishing another blogpost about a Filipino movie at that!

I think the better question would be, “How will you make the most out of today?” Don’t make life get the most out of you; GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE! 🙂

And when you make your choices, just remember that just like Estela and just like the movie Shift, it’s okay to make that shift from the norm, it’s okay to be different!

Because it ain't too late to catch Shift! and because I highly recommend you do!!

Because it ain’t too late to catch Shift! and because I highly recommend you do!!

-David Ongchoco

PS. Check out their Facebook page for more information on the movie and screening times


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