SM Immersion Day 4 – Thankful For The Opportunity!

SM Immersion Day 4 – Thankful For The Opportunity! 

The last day of the SM immersion was definitely a day to remember! From the start of the day, where I had to first take the SATs then head straight to SM Marikina to spend one more hour working and learning how to cut a whole chicken to our dance performance around the Supermarket to the final program where several of us performed and shared our performances, there was simply no better way to end the immersion!

As we said goodbye to all the new friends we made, we were all very nostalgic and sentimental. It’s not everyday that students like us get to experience being a bagger in an actual Supermarket. It’s not everyday that students like us get to converse with everyday employees of SM. Seeing our ate’s and kuya’s perform for us during the last day was also really heartwarming.

In return, a few of my classmates all gave very note-worthy performances! One of my classmates even dedicated a song to one of the store-managers. A lot of us were laughing our hearts out as he knelt down in front of the store-manager and sang a really touching song! Simply put, this is why I love last day programs because people tend to step out of their comfort zone and show others how much they appreciated the program!

Seeing all the hard work and effort my classmates put in during the past 4 days also showed me how much my classmates cared! It’s in these types of experiences that you really see the true colors of individuals. A lot of us weren’t sure of what to expect and a lot of us were not used to these types of conditions but at the end of the day, most if not all of us not only learned a lot from this experience but also enjoyed every single day of the immersion!

More than anything, this immersion really helped us appreciate these ordinary employees and workers and the work they do. It helped us see what it feels like to be an SM employee even if it was just for four days. The insights we gained, the friends we made, the conversations we had, the sweat we put in and all the memories we had are things we’ll forever cherish and carry with us for the rest of our lives!

Never again will we take for granted the work that these employees put in for we were able to experience it first hand how challenging and tedious these types of jobs can be!

I’m really thankful for this opportunity and I’m also very thankful for all the kuya’s, ate’s, and store managers who were very accommodating and friendly all throughout the experience! SM Marikina will always hold a special place in my heart for all the priceless memories I had there!

At the end of the program, we were each given SM prestige cards that had 400 points in it and also 5 boxes of Yellow Cab pizza. The beauty in all this? A lot of us ended up spending the 400 points on canned goods to be donated to workers in Xavier School for Christmas. And the Pizza? We decided to give it to the ate’s, kuya’s and store managers who were really friendly and helpful during our four day stay in SM Immersion! Without a doubt, just in these acts, you could see how much my class has learned about sharing our blessings and giving back to the less fortunate!

H4A with the SM supervisors and store managers!

H4A with the SM supervisors and store managers on the last day of the SM Immersion!



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