SM Immersion Day 3 – Working Can Be Fun!

Day 3 Working can be fun!

Day 3 of the SM immersion was really memorable for me because I got to try a lot of new things and at the same time have fun while doing it. During the first two days I was stationed in the cashier area as a bagger so during the third day I was stationed inside the supermarket.

To start things off, I was stationed in the meat area where I got to learn about the different cuts of the meat and what customers usually buy. Furthermore, I was able to try breading the pork meat to make Tonkatsu. It was also literally COOL visiting the storage or cold room where I got to see whole pigs hanged ready to be sliced up.

The best part though was meeting Kuya Jess and hearing talk about how he’s been on the job for almost two years already. He talked about how it’s sometimes boring but he has no choice since he needs to earn money. It was quite surprising though how he was just 21. I was truly amazed by how positive and enthusiastic he still was. He plans on going back to college one day to finish his degree and hopefully get  a better job.

After the meat station, I was able to go to the seafoods station where I learned how to remove the bones of the fish and make them boneless. The highlight of my stay in the meat station though was being able to joke around with the very friendly employees there. Kuya Jomar, kuya Jeffrey and kuya Adonis were all very cool and we were laughing the whole time exchanging jokes and fooling each other.

It was really amazing how we were talking about girls and how it was really easy to relate to these employees. Aside from that, they also play video games that my friends and I play. Because we were just having fun the whole time, we didn’t really feel tired even if we were also peeling the shrimps and deboning the fish at the same time!

 After the meat and fish station, I went to the lumpia section where I wrapped close to 50 lumpias. The defining moment of this though was my conversations with Ate May who told us that we were really lucky that we were born into a good life. She talked about how unlike us, they were born into a hard life and end up working in these types of jobs. I honestly didn’t know what to say when she told us this. All I could do was simply nod and ponder upon this fact that some people are simply born into the good life while others aren’t.

Honestly, right at that moment, I just wanted to do something to help all the less fortunate people. The problem is I just don’t know how to at this point. All I can really do is work hard in my studies and hopefully one day be able to share my blessings with all these less privileged citizens!

Despite all these differences in our lives, through my different conversations with all the employees, I was able to see that they’re just as human as everyone of us. They love to have fun, joke around and they also have dreams and goals they hope to achieve!

Even though I was really tired towards the end of the third day since I had to take a double shift since I wouldn’t be able to go to first shift on Saturday due to my SATs, I still had lots of fun learning how to make pork tonkatsu, deboning the fish, preparing lumpia, deboning the chicken and having fun and joking around with all the employees!

Moreover, I learned how to really appreciate my situation and be thankful that I was born into a family that can provide me with more than enough! I’m truly thankful for all I have and I will definitely find a way to share my blessings now and in the future!



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