Family, Faith, Culture and Community – A Reflection on my 2nd Face to Faith VC

Last Thursday, I was able to experience my second Face to Faith Video Conference. I was suppose to blog about it right after but because of the fact that I was really tired when I got home last Thursday and the past Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very hectic days, it’s only now that I get to write about the experience and my reflections.

face to faith

Before the conference started, I was really excited to start because of the fact that I was really curious about what Indonesians thought about faith and what their high school experience is like.

We started the video conference of by introducing ourselves and talking about the things we like to do. It was really cool how a couple of the Indonesians also enjoyed reading and writing just like me. After a few introductions, the first topic we dwelled upon was the importance of family for us. It was nice to see how similar the role of their families were to us. We were easily able to relate to each other for most of us came from strict familial backgrounds.

They were also very interested in our school activities, most especially activities that involved the community. We were more than proud to talk about all the different committees and clubs Xavier has. It’s amazing how interested they were about our community and service programs. You could see that they really took service and relief operations seriously when they started talking about their service programs. Their desire to involve themselves in programs that make a difference in the community was laudable.

Another particularly interesting thing about their school was this event they host called the “International Language Day.” It’s a special day where different languages and cultures from Japanese to Indonesian to French. They also talked about how much they love Japanese culture especially Anime. I really loved how they strove for cultural diversity especially since we’re moving towards an age of global citizenship. It has become more and more important to have a deeper understanding of the different cultures in the world.

Furthermore, we also dwelled upon religious diversity, the religions we practice and how much faith plays a role in our lives. I was particularly touched by the story of one girl. She talked about how she would be lost if it weren’t for her faith and that God plays a very integral role in her life. She expounded by openly sharing her experience of how her parents got divorced when she was younger and that she was only able to overcome those tough times through prayer and faith in God.

“If I didn’t have God in my life, I would honestly be lost.” – Student from SMA Bakti Indhata

Prior to the Face to Faith video conference, I didn’t know much about the religious practices in Indonesia. Through the video conference, I was able to gain a few insights about their religion. They talked about how most of the Indonesians are Muslims with a few Christian minorities. They also stressed how a lot of them are very religious and pray at least 5 times a day facing Mecca. It was funny how one of asked curiously asked how they know where Mecca is and whether or not there is an app for that already. Surprisingly, there is already an app that tells you where to face.

What I realized is that at the end of the day, although, we may have different religions, most of our practices are very similar. Moreover a lot of us when faced with problems and tough times, go back to God and seek guidance from Him. Talking about this really made me pause for a moment and think about everything that has been going around me. Despite all my problems and challenges I’ve been facing, God will always be there at my side and at the end of the day, things will work out for the better.

Before we knew it, the video conference was over and we had to say our goodbyes. Honestly, I still had a thousand more questions I wanted to ask about their faith, culture and experiences. It’s very refreshing hearing the opinions of others and seeing things from a different perspective. When you get to talk to people your age who at the same time, live in a whole different environment, you can’t help but feel excited to hear about their life.

Overall, it was very refreshing talking about the role of family and faith in our lives. What I love about these video conferences is that you don’t only gain new insights but your core values and your faith is also reinforced as you hear the experiences and perspectives of other students from myriad backgrounds!

I honestly can’t wait for my next video conference!

Global citizenship is becoming more and more important and the Face to Faith program helps us students take a step forward in understanding the different cultures in the world!

Global citizenship is becoming more and more important and the Face to Faith program helps us students take a step forward in understanding the different cultures in the world!



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