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Family, Faith, Culture and Community – A Reflection on my 2nd Face to Faith VC

Last Thursday, I was able to experience my second Face to Faith Video Conference. I was suppose to blog about it right after but because of the fact that I was really tired when I got home last Thursday and the past Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very hectic days, it’s only now that I get to write about the experience and my reflections.

face to faith

Before the conference started, I was really excited to start because of the fact that I was really curious about what Indonesians thought about faith and what their high school experience is like.

We started the video conference of by introducing ourselves and talking about the things we like to do. It was really cool how a couple of the Indonesians also enjoyed reading and writing just like me. After a few introductions, the first topic we dwelled upon was the importance of family for us. It was nice to see how similar the role of their families were to us. We were easily able to relate to each other for most of us came from strict familial backgrounds.

They were also very interested in our school activities, most especially activities that involved the community. We were more than proud to talk about all the different committees and clubs Xavier has. It’s amazing how interested they were about our community and service programs. You could see that they really took service and relief operations seriously when they started talking about their service programs. Their desire to involve themselves in programs that make a difference in the community was laudable. Continue reading


XS Appreciation Day 2013 – Thank You Teachers! :)

*This post is in celebration of Xavier Appreciation Day 2013 and all the teachers out there

Happy Appreciation Day to all teachers out there! :D

Happy Appreciation Day to all teachers out there! 😀

Teacher’s have one of the hardest jobs in the planet. Our teachers have the extremely challenging task of teaching us lessons both inside and outside the classroom. They’re the ones who spend almost every single day doing something to help us become better students and better persons. They’re the ones who inspire us to push ourselves to the limit. They’re the ones who tell us that we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity.

A Xavier teacher’s job is even harder. When you have students coming from Chinese backgrounds with a mix of several different cultures, it becomes quite a challenge to deal with students. To add to this strong cultural presence, in a generation where students are very narcissistic and believe so much in their own beliefs, it’s very difficult to get students to listen in class. When you have students who are distracted 24/7, it’s always a challenge to get them to put in effort and make the most out of their education. Continue reading

No Better Remedy Than Doing What You Love

The last few weeks and days have been really hectic for me. I’ve honestly been having a hard time balancing everything and there have been moments where I’m not sure anymore what I should do next. With all my extra-curricular activities and with the SAT subject tests fast approaching, I haven’t really been able to blog consistently.

Being that classes were suspended today, it was the perfect opportunity for me to study for the SAT subject tests. The problem is that as I tried to study, nothing seemed to go into my head. I’ve been feeling tired almost everyday and it seems as though every single thing as become a chore to me. I’ve started to forget why I do things in the first place and what truly matters to me.

I wasn’t really planning on blogging today since I told myself that all I would do today was study for the SAT since I haven’t really been able to study for it. Honestly, right now, I’m regretting scheduling my SATs to be taken this October especially since I just realized how hard the topics actually are (I’m taking US history and Math 2). I’m suppose to be studying right now but after several hours of studying, my brain just couldn’t register anything anymore. Continue reading

Peace One Day – How Will You Spread Peace Today?



Peace One Day ( was started by Jeremy Gilley a prominent film maker and philanthropist.  He believes that peace can be found in every human being and that everyone can do something for peace. It’s really awe-inspiring how one man was able to start a campaign for one day of global unity and create such a profound impact in the lives of others.

At a time where the crisis in Syria is escalating and where people in Zamboanga are suffering because of the MNLF conflict, the upcoming celebration of the Peace One Day couldn’t be timelier.

In line with the celebration of Peace One Day, last week, I also participated  in a video conference through the Face to Faith Program. I got to hear the different perspectives of students from other schools and what they thought about peace. It was a really moving experience hearing other students from different schools talk about what peace is to them.  Continue reading

Living on the Margin – A 1st Quarter to Remember!

This article is taken from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

THE AUTHOR’S collection of “surreal”moments during the first quarter DAVID ONGCHOCO

The first quarter of my senior year has just ended, and up to now, I still can’t believe that so much has happened in less than three months.

Quite honestly, I never expected to be able to go through these novel and unique experiences. From traveling to Singapore and Thailand to attending the Philippine Model Congress and my first-ever press conference on Kobe Bryant, the first quarter was filled with wonderful surprises that turned into memories I will forever cherish.

The two international experiences I had were definitely the highlights of my first quarter. Not only was I able to learn about bonds and mutual funds in the Investment Management Program in Singapore and the art of debate and proper discourse in the 1st Asia World Schools Debating Championship in Thailand, but I also got to meet unique and talented individuals from different parts of the world.

I was also able to learn more about the different cultures and practices that really widened my perspective and understanding of the world. To top it all off, I made new friends, some of whom I still communicate with, thanks to the power of technology and social media.

It’s amazing how I was able to experience all that, and so much more. It’s simply too difficult to put in words everything I went through in the last quarter.

However, I’d be lying if I told you that I was able to experience all that without  drawbacks. Everything has a cost, and being able to experience all this had a cost, too.

Continue reading

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock – Accepting Help then Giving Help!

This is my response to the Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

Daily Prompt : I Am a Rock


Growing up, I never really was a person who would go out of his way to ask for help. I always wanted to do things on my own or figures things my own way. For me, asking for help was a sign for weaknesses and I was also afraid of being rejected.

Whenever my parents would help me or whenever they’d tell me to ask my sister or teacher for help, I’d feel so small and powerless. I wanted to be able to prove that I could do things on my own. Aside from that, when there would be group works, I’d usually end up doing most of the work because of the fact that I didn’t trust my group mates.

During these times, I would also think that instead of helping me, they might end up making things worse and just further eating up my time so it would be better if I did not ask for help. However, as I grew older, I learned the importance of asking for help. We cannot do everything by ourselves. We are only human and we will always need the assistance of others. Continue reading

How a City of Bones and a Dystopian World Can Teach Us The Value of Choices and Trust!

Just this past week, I delved into the realm of Young Adult (YA) fiction works. I got to watch the movie adaption of the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Claire and I was also able to finish reading one of the hottest books in the Young Adult fiction section, “Divergent” by Veronica Roth.

Divergent - One Choice Can Transform You

Divergent – One Choice Can Transform You

These two works of art have gained a strong fan base  and for good reason. From mind boggling plot twists to unbelievable settings, both stories are able to bring you to a world like no other while still keeping the peculiar characters grounded to the limits of reality.

The limits and weaknesses of the characters allows readers to relate to their situations and fully immerse themselves in the story. This is what makes these YA fiction works such a hit among teenagers and young adults.

The tagline of Divergent, “One choice can transform you,” says it all. In life, there will come a point where we will have to make difficult choices. There will come a point where just like the protagonist in Divergent, Beatrice, we will have to make a decision that may not always be in line with that of our loved ones. At the end of the day, it’s about living up to that choice.

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