What I Learned After A Week Back in School – The Importance of Today

Catching up with everything I missed in school because of my trip to Thailand has really been a challenge like no other. This week has been one of the most tiring weeks I’ve ever had. Every single day was like a non-stop roller coaster ride where I had to use every last brain cell of mine.

Unlike the time I flew to Singapore last June where I missed 5 days of school, it has been a lot harder this time around because of the fact that I missed a lot of the key lectures and more than 10 assessments during the one week I was in Thailand.

Aside from this, today was also the start of our quarterly exam and the two exams today, Economics and Physics really blew my mind away. Right now, the test is done and I can’t do anything about it anymore. I’m just looking forward to the next tests I have to prepare for, tomorrow’s Chinese Quarterly Oral Test.

Despite all these challenges and the countless of exams, I realized from this week that I shouldn’t stress so much over these things. Sure, I should still do my best in these exams and I will but at the same time, I shouldn’t forget that grades don’t define who we truly are.

The problem I had throughout this week is that I was always looking at the amount of things I had to catch up on and stressed myself out even if I didn’t need to. At one point, I was even questioning whether I should have gone to Thailand. However, I realized that the past is something that I cannot change. I must live in the moment and live one day at a time.

The moment I started relaxing and looking back at all the wonderful experiences I had in Thailand, I was able to start focusing on the tasks at hand. I started getting back into the groove and catching up with the lessons and taking make-up tests.

There’s around a week more of tests for me before I can finally say that the 1st quarter is over. It seems so close yet so far. I simply can’t wait to be done with this 1st quarter of Senior year.

It truly has been an amazing ride so far despite all the turbulences that I faced a long the way. To sum up my realizations for the week, let me share a one stanza poem I came up with:

(Right now, I’m interested in improving my poem writing skills so at the end of every blog post of mine starting now on, I’ll be writing a stanza or two to sum up the post :D)


Today is not yesterday.
Today is a brand new day,
The present moment is where we must stay
For the past is the past no matter what you say
How our future unfolds depends on our today!




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