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How “How I Met Your Mother” Became “Contagious” “For One More Day”

The long weekend and the several days of suspended class has given me a lot of extra time and has allowed me to really sit back and relax.

I know that there are lots of Filipinos suffering out there because of the heavy rain and I pray for their safety but in a way, I am thankful to God for the suspension of classes the last few days for it has really given me a chance to slow down and take a break from the speedy roller coaster pace of my Senior Year.

During these last few days, I was actually able to find time to do things I enjoy doing that I haven’t really been able to do because of my hectic Senior Year schedule. I was able to watch a few episodes of my favorite television series, “How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM),” and just the other day, I was also able finish two books that I’ve always wanted to finish reading, “Contagious,” by Jonah Berger and “For One More Day,” by Mitch Albom.

Contagious - Why Things Catch On

Contagious – Why Things Catch On

After reading the book Contagious, which basically analyzes several different products and explains why something catch on and why others don’t, I couldn’t help but think about why “How I Met Your Mother,” became such a popular show and has lasted for such a long time (imagine that, HIMYM already has 9 seasons of 24 episodes each). I also used my new found knowledge to analyze why “For One More Day,” and several other books of Mitch Albom (who is quite frankly my favorite author) has become best sellers and has been sold to millions of people.

There are many different factors as to why things spread quickly and become contagious but I’d like to focus on a few factors that are seen in both the HIMYM series and the book, For One More Day. Continue reading


My Senior Year “Hero’s Journey” So Far!

This blogpost is inspired by my English lesson on mythology and the Hero’s Journey.

We all have our own “Hero’s Journey.” It may not be evident but everyday is part of our journey. In fact, we might even have several different micro-journeys and mini adventures in different parts of our lives. What I’d like to focus on today is the journey I’ve had so far in my Senior Year. The first two months of Senior Year have been one of the most mind blowing but at the same time, one of the most challenging times I’ve ever faced in my life.

I’d like to analyze the two months I’ve had so far using the Hero’s Journey template that is seen in almost in all the stories, movies and myths we see in our everyday life.

Call to Adventure – The challenge to make the most out of my Senior Year. The call to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things and grow as a student, learner and person! Continue reading

What I Learned After A Week Back in School – The Importance of Today

Catching up with everything I missed in school because of my trip to Thailand has really been a challenge like no other. This week has been one of the most tiring weeks I’ve ever had. Every single day was like a non-stop roller coaster ride where I had to use every last brain cell of mine.

Unlike the time I flew to Singapore last June where I missed 5 days of school, it has been a lot harder this time around because of the fact that I missed a lot of the key lectures and more than 10 assessments during the one week I was in Thailand. Continue reading

AWSDC 2013 – Countless Experiences, One Description – PHANTASMAGORICAL! :D

It’s been a few days since I left Thailand yet I still can’t get over everything that happened. Honestly, everything is just starting to sink in and I still vividly remember every single thing that happened.

A blend of excitement, scorching heat, pad thai, fried crickets, free ice cream, cute stuff toys, heated debates, disappointment, late nights, bi-polar emotions, sentimental songs, unique stories and sad goodbyes made up the first international tournament experience of mine, the Asian World Schools Debating Championship.

With my "Movie Marathon" group!! Really enjoyed rolling around the pool and eating fried crickets! =))

With my “Movie Marathon” group!! Really enjoyed rolling around the pool and eating fried crickets! =))

Who would’ve thought that I could learn so much about debate, life, and the world in a span of one week. This one week flew by so quickly that as I got back to my home in Manila, I was still in disbelief that my Thailand adventure was over. 

Although I wasn’t able to visit the Thailand safari and ride the renowned elephants of Thailand, simply eating authentic Thai food already showed me the beauty of Thai culture. I was overjoyed as I got to pig out on Pad Thai, my favorite Thai food, on several occasions. The atmosphere in Bangkok was also very different. Day or night, the city seemed to always be very vibrant and busy. The numerous number of spas in the street was also quite shocking.

This experience also helped me get to know my teammates A LOT better. It truly is during these types of tournaments and experiences abroad that you really get to know people better. Even if we didn’t meet our expectations and even if we know we could’ve done a lot better, I’m sure that all of us learned myriad of things through this experience. Lessons that I’m sure will stick with us for the rest of our lives! 😉

With the Xavier Team! We definitely all learned a lot from this experience!

With the Xavier Team! We definitely all learned a lot from this experience!

Greatness Doesn’t Come In An Instant

One of the most important things I realized in this tournament is that debate is just like everything in life. You have to work hard in order to get good at something. Going into the tournament, my teammates and I didn’t really work as hard as we were suppose to and it showed. Continue reading