In Pursuit of Happiness – A Game of Hide and Seek

In Pursuit of Happiness – A Game of Hide and Seek

(This post is inspired by a movie I recently watched, “In Pursuit of Happyness,” which I highly recommend you check out if you haven’t. Aside from that movie, our recent lesson in Economics about the different happiness levels of people also pushed me to dig deeper and write about happiness)

Poster-pursuithappyness Happiness is something that is not quantifiable. You can’t really give a concrete example of happiness for it varies from person to person. Happiness is also something one cannot touch; in other words, it’s abstract.

There will be things that make some people happy and at the same time, make others not as happy. Candies can make a kid extremely happy but giving those same candies to an adult might not yield the same happiness effect.  This just shows that what makes someone happy constantly changes.

Furthermore, without a doubt, happiness can be found in the most abstruse of things. I’ve heard crazy stories where Hello Kitty figurines are bought for $100,000 dollars on Ebay. When I first heard about this story, I was like, what kind of retard would pay 100,000 for a Hello Kitty figurine? Then I realized that every person views things differently.

Would you pay $100, 000 for a Hello Kitty figurine?

Would you pay $100, 000 for a Hello Kitty figurine?

For all I care, that Hello Kitty figurine is what brings happiness to others. No wonder, they’re willing to pay $100, 000 for it. In fact, looking at it from a different perspective, $100, 000 might actually be a bargain for like they say, “Happiness is priceless.”

See where I’m getting here? Yes, what makes us happy varies from person to person. But it doesn’t end there. What makes us happy also varies from time to time.

For instance, right now, getting high grades, meeting new girls/boys, going to parties may be what gives us happiness. However, I’m 99% sure that 10 years from now, these things might not even matter to us.

In the end, only you can decide what makes you happy. Don’t let society decide it for you. What makes your parents happy may not be what makes you happy. What makes you happy today may not be what makes you happy tomorrow.

Finding happiness is like a never ending game of hide and seek. We may find happiness in one thing at one moment than it hides itself again in a different place for us to seek once more.

There are moments when we work so hard each and everyday striving to achieve a certain goal, thinking that reaching that apex would bring us true happiness. Remember that time you worked so hard to the point of exhaustion just so you could get an A+ or get promoted to manager, only to realize that when you finally achieved that goal it wasn’t the happiness you were looking for.

Once we’ve eaten the cake we’ve always wanted, we start searching for more cakes to eat. It’s human nature to always be in pursuit of happiness.

This is the beauty in life and that everyday is a journey to seek and capture happiness.

Don’t be afraid to go after what makes you truly happy for at the end of the day, life is ultimately about finding that priceless, fulfilling and everlasting happiness and you know what, only you can decide whether you’ve found it or not!



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