Positivity Everywhere, Anywhere – There’s Always Something To Be Thankful For!

Sunday is one of my favorite days because of the fact that it is known as the “rest” day. A chance to relax, spend time with your family and simply get away from the everyday routine of either working or studying.

To be honest, I’ve really been stressed out the past few days trying to keep up with everything that I have to do. There’s so much things in my mind and the fact that almost every conversation I’ve had with my parents always redirects to college doesn’t help.

It’s amazing though how I was able to end up reading this interesting article about positivity just a few hours ago. It was an article about happiness, positive thinking and releasing stress. It talked about the importance of always staying positive and looking at the bright side. It stresses the importance of seeing the positivity in everything and being thankful for these things.

Positivity is the key to success!

Positivity is the key to success!

Positive people tend to not only be happier and more successful, but also more liked. Positivity is contagious and a positive outlook in life can be developed.

A routine that they suggest to be a happier and more positive person is writing 3 positive things at the end of every day. It doesn’t matter how bad your day was, I’m sure there were at least 3 positive things that happened on that day that you were thankful for.

I’m taking on this challenge to improve my mindset and attitude towards life. If all it takes is to write 3 positive things each day, I’m doing it. So without further ado, here are the 3 things I’m thankful for today.

1. I’m thankful to have found that article regarding this positive life routine

2. Being able to watch a few episodes of Glee (Yes, GLEE! It’s my first time to watch the series :)) Don’t judge me, but I haven’t finished watching season 1 🙂

3. Watching the movie Pursuit of Happyness – This movie was really heartfelt and puts things into perspective. There millions and millions of people out there struggling to even make ends meet and here I am complaining about the stress of having to choose a college.

These are the two articles that inspired me to start looking at the more positive things in life:



Overall, I’m really happy how this day turned out. Nothing really spectacular or mind-blowing occurred today yet I feel really happy and vibrant right now. I guess it’s a matter of perspective and the way we look at things. The little things can bring the greatest happiness to us as long as we are willing to look at it in a positive light!

This day really gave me a chance to relax a bit and prepare for the upcoming week. I’m now ready to face the challenges that await me and be able to find positivity in every single day! 😀

Spread the positive energy!! Smile, smile, smile, be happy, be happy, be happy!

Spread the positive energy!! Smile, smile, smile, be happy, be happy, be happy!



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