Back to the Senior Year Grind – Living in the Present

It’s been a week since I last blogged. The past week, which I spent in a management program/seminar in Singapore was such a jam-packed week that I never really had time to just sit down and blog about all the awe-inspiring and novel experiences I had.

Right now, I’m back to the daily grind and these first two days back to school have been really tough and challenging in all aspects. During the one week I was gone, I missed out on so much things here in school. Aside from the fact that I missed out on a lot of lectures and I’m in the process of catching up right now, I also missed quite a few big events and opportunities.

First of all, I wasn’t able to attend the ECA fair and promote my committee, the Green team. I also wasn’t able to try-out for a debate tournament in Thailand. I also missed several college talks that I think are very important right now, especially since I’m a bit confused as to what the best path is for me. I honestly got quite depressed when I found out that I missed all these things because I went to Singapore.

Riding a horse --- just one of the unique and novel experiences i had in SIngapore

Riding a horse — just one of the unique and novel experiences i had in SIngapore

However, as I looked back at all the novel and unique experiences I had in Singapore, I can’t help but be glad that I did go to Singapore even if I missed out on all those things. Attending the management program in Singapore, learning invaluable lessons and skills and meeting people from all over the world with such diverse stories are unparalleled experiences that mitigate all the regrets I have of skipping one week of school and missing quite a few important events.

 Everything in life has a cost. Everything in life has a positive and negative side. Sometimes, we have to weigh the consequences and look at things from a cost-benefit point of view. We can’t have everything and there will be times that we make the wrong choice. Right now, with the way things turned out, and with everything I missed out on, I’m not entirely sure if I made the right choice of going to Singapore—– only time can tell. 

Right now, I can’t worry about the past and what I missed for there’s not going back. The best thing I can do is live in the present.

I honestly miss working and spending time with these friends I made during the one week I spent in Singapore :'(

I honestly miss working and spending time with these friends I met during the one week I spent in Singapore 😥

I’m honestly still feel nostalgic. All the surreal experiences I had during the Singapore Management Program last week are still sinking in. I’ll probably write about all my takeaways from my experience last week in the upcoming days, but as of now, I have to get back to form.

Senior year has only just begun. This is only the 3rd week of Senior year so I can’t lose my focus. Every single day counts. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out with everything the past two days but I now have a renewed zeal. It’s quite amazing what sitting down, reflecting about life, looking at the bigger picture and writing about all these realizations can do. I feel a lot better right now and I’m ready for the next few days, weeks and months of Senior Year!



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