H2C, Yoda and Singapore – 1st Weekend of Senior Year

I’ve been really lacking sleep the past few days yet I had to wake up early once again today even if it was saturday to attend refresher classes. Although I was a bit groggy because of lack of sleep, I was still able to learn a lot today from the refresher classes I took in Math and Physics. Even if most of what we tackled today were just the basics, I learned a lot of different tricks and shortcuts from the teacher that will definitely help me when taking the college entrance exams.

The venue for our Physics refresher class made me feel quite nostalgic. We stayed in H2C today, the classroom that I stayed in during my second year of high school. I couldn’t help but feel sentimental as I saw the H2C plaque which will be eventually changed to Grade 10-C next year.

H2Champions - 2nd year was definitely a big part of my life even if I had a lot of wrong decisions that year and sacrificed a lot for basketball.

H2Champions – 2nd year was definitely a big part of my life even if I had a lot of wrong decisions that year and sacrificed a lot for basketball.

I’ve definitely grown up a lot since my 2nd year days but I’ll always remember that year and everything I went through. 2nd year was the year I really focused on training for basketball and improving my game. I was really dedicated to the point that I followed a very strict 8 meal a day diet, slept at 9:30 pm every single day and simply sacrificed a lot just to get my body right and take my game to another level. Looking back, I’m actually surprised that I was able to be that disciplined and dedicated.

The highlight of this day though was visiting my SAT review center after almost a month. I just felt a different spark rush through my body as I stepped inside that room once again. I was also really happy to see my teacher, Mrs. Lim and hear her calming voice and wisdom filled advice.

It was even more surreal seeing her talk to my older sister who once also reviewed under her. Mrs. Lim was really proud of my sister who is now heading to Yale-Nus this coming school year. It’s amazing how much Mrs. Lim enjoys helping students achieve their dreams and make it to top schools in the world. As she showed us her new additions to her wall of fame, which is filled with pictures of her students and the schools they ended up attending, I was left in awe and I could not help but feel inspired.

Throughout the years, she has been able to help hundreds of Filipino students go to top schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Upenn and a lot more. Hopefully, one day, I’ll also be able to see my picture in her wall of fame. All the weekends I spent in her classroom for around a month are days that I will always treasure. From the very first day where I was pampered with ruthlessly difficult tests to the final day, where I confidently answered a final worksheet after having built a foundation from all the previous tests.

Just like what Yoda said, Mrs. Lim emphasized the importance of breaking bad habits. She truly was an English Yoda.

Just like what Yoda said, Mrs. Lim emphasized the importance of breaking bad habits. She truly was an English Yoda.

As we looked through the wall of fame my sister commented, “Wow Mrs. Lim, you’re doing your job,” Mrs. Lim replied to that with a resounding, “No Joan, this is not a job to me; this is my hobby. I enjoy doing this.” That reply of hers really struck me. Work really never feels like work when you enjoy doing it. I’m really happy that I was able to be the student of such a wise and at the same time, caring teacher even if it was just for a month.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from her was the importance of breaking bad habits. When I first started, I was making a lot of mistakes because of the fact that I never really grew up learning the proper grammar concepts. With her help though, I was able to build a new foundation and I actually ended up getting pretty high in the Writing part of the SAT (I scored a 790/800). Without a doubt, she deserves her moniker, Yoda.

Even with all these moments, the weekend has only just begun. Tomorrow, I, along with my dad and sister, will be heading to Singapore for a business seminar. I’m honestly really excited to learn more about wealth management, case analysis, marketing and other aspects of business. Aside from that, I also can’t wait to meet new friends since the seminar is an international seminar that will be attended by young individuals from all over the world.

Since my sister is studying in Yale-NUS, she’ll also be meeting up with her friends in Singapore and she has invited me to tag along. I’m honestly quite excited to meet her friends. These friends of hers are some of the most talented and unique individuals in the world and I will definitely be able to learn a lot from them.

Everything comes with a cost though and since this seminar is a week long, I’ll have to skip 4 days of classes.  Luckily, the school year has just begun and after talking to my teachers, I won’t be missing that much and I’ll still be able to quickly catch up once I get back.

This is a unique experience that doesn’t come often so I’m happy to be part of it. Although this is an out of school activity, this is very much still a part of my Senior Year. Like I said in my previous posts, this year, I plan to take every opportunity and make the most out of my Senior Year both inside and outside Xavier School.

Senior Year is definitely off to a good start and I’m ready to accelerate the engines and experience even greater things!



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