Senior Year Day 3 – Everything Happens For A Reason

We started the day off with a bang as we had our first general assembly of the year where we met our new school director, Father Ari Dy. His message to us was quite simple. He wants to help improve our Xavier experience by improving the way we learn and helping us appreciate our Chinese culture even more.

The talk that stood out though was the talk of our school principal about working hard this school year. She emphasized the importance of hard work and the fact that there is no substitute for it. If one wants to excel and get high grades, one must work hard. Actually, in everything we do, we need to work hard in order to succeed. Aside from that, she also told us to “just do it” when it comes to our homework and other non-graded things. I actually believe in this for these non-graded things are there for a reason. They are there to help us succeed in the long run.

Following the general assembly, we finally got to meet our teachers. I’m really happy that all of our teachers so far seem really good at teaching and are able to make the class very unique and interesting. As our teachers showed us the course outline for the year, I couldn’t help but feel excited for most of the topics were really interesting topics that have direct applications to real life.

I especially enjoyed our last subject, economics. Economics is something I’m really interested in and something I want to learn more about. Right now, to me, economics explains why certain things happen in our world. Who wouldn’t want to know why some countries are richer than the other? This subject seems to be really exciting and our teacher is also very vibrant and passionate about education.

It was a really hectic day though for after the bell rang, I headed to debate. Joining the debate team is probably one of the best things that could happen to me. In the 3 sessions I’ve attended, I’ve already learned so much about the world. To be honest, I actually learn so much more from Debate than from my actual subjects in school. I’m really glad that I decided to join Debate and hopefully, I can continue to improve as a speaker and more importantly as a person.

What happened next though was something that I didn’t expect. Today was the day that the SAT results would be released and as I prepared to call my driver when debate ended, I got a text from my dad of my score. I was a bit disappointed as I saw my score. To be honest, my score isn’t that bad but I was simply expecting to get higher.

The problem with my score is that it’s in the safe range and is good enough for certain schools but if I would like to pursue my dream schools, I’d probably have to retake. Right now, I feel a bit down because I got really low in the Critical Reading section. However, it’s just a test. I still have the opportunity to take it a second time but I can also opt not to. My score is good enough to pass in a lot of top schools but I guess it’s not enough for Ivy league level schools like Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Right now, I’m leaning towards retaking the test for I know that I could still do better. The fact that the gap of my scores are quite far means that there is a lot of room for improvement especially in the Critical Reading section. Everything happens for a reason and maybe this was a wake up call for me to study even harder.

To end, I’d like to share the quote of the day from my Physics teacher about discipline, “Discipline is doing what you’re suppose to do and not doing what you’re not suppose to do whether you like it or not.”

This year will definitely be a jam packed year and how much discipline I can muster will definitely play an integral role on how far I can go!



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