A “Last” Year – Let Senior Year Begin!

Today’s finally the day I’ve been waiting for. It’s the start of my final year in Xavier. 12 years of studying in Xavier and it all boils down to this final year.

Obviously, this last year will be a full of lasts. Later today will be my last first day in Xavier, a place that has become my home away from home. I never imagined that this day would come. I didn’t think it would come this fast. I honestly still remember my nursery days, where I was so carefree and didn’t care about my future, let alone the world.

I’ve changed so much through the years and Xavier has played a vital role in making me who I am today. Here I am right now, writing this blog post while getting ready for my last year in Xavier—my last chance to get it right, my last chance to leave a mark.

Right now, I honestly have mixed feelings about finally starting Senior year. One part of me is super excited to get back in the classroom, see my friends, get to know my teaches and go through the high school life a final time.

This is an excitement and feeling that I’ve never experienced before. I honestly just want to make it the best year ever and be able to simply, enjoy the final ride. At the same time, because of the fact I’ve been loafing around the past three years, there are so many things I want to accomplish this year that sometimes, I just feel that the whole world is against me.

That part of me is scared that I won’t be able to accomplish all my goals for my last year and that I won’t be able to meet my expectations.

Luckily, there’s that thought I have nothing to lose anymore and everything to gain. It’s my final year in high school. It’s about applying everything I’ve learned for the past 12 years and just taking that leap of faith or in my words, telling myself, just DO it CHOCO!

Honestly, I know that these next few months won’t be all smiles but these are the moments I live for. I’m truly thankful to God that I have one last year to do everything I’ve always wanted to do. Nobody’s stopping me now. I can shoot for the stars, dream big and just make it happen.

It’s not anymore just about the grades, the extracurriculars, the friendships. It’s now about leaving a mark and making difference.

This is it — One final chapter, one final go at it, one final chance and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Let Senior Year begin!





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