It’s Finally SATurday! May the Odds be in our Favor!

It’s finally tomorrow, the day I’ve been preparing for for a month now, the day of the SAT. Profuse amount of time spent learning both new and old concepts, thousands of new words stuffed into my brain, countless of hours answering worksheets and practice tests, tedious moments figuring out why I made a mistake, and it all boils down to one test and that test is tomorrow. To be honest, this is probably the one written test I’ve prepared for the most in my entire life. I don’t know if I’ve done enough but what I do know is that I’ve tried everything in my power to prepare myself to a certain extent given the time.

IMG_2991I’ve done everything that I can to control what I can control and learn what I can. Like they say, “Do your best and God will do the rest.” I just have this feeling inside me that this Saturday will be my lucky day.

Like the old adage also says, “Pray for the best but expect the worst.” Reviewing for this test has definitely been quite an experience in itself. From the early stages where I was still a bit lax and complacent to the past few weeks where I’ve been pushing myself to my limits. I’m really thankful for this experience for not everyone has a chance to apply to colleges abroad, let alone take the SAT.

IMG_2931 Reviewing for the SAT, reading success stories online, reading about tips and tricks from successful test takers and simply learning as much as I can has really opened my eyes to the power of knowledge and the joy of learning. I may have gone to an SAT tutor for a while to brush up on the fundamentals but towards the latter part, it was truly all on me and whether I was up to the challenge. The 8 hour a day self study sessions, the memorizing of vocab while eating breakfast, the late hours solving a math problem will all be fond memories of mine when I look back at this period of time.

63_20120409_081736_shoot_for_the_moonTomorrow, I’m shooting for the moon so even if I fall short, I’ll end up in the stars! I’m going to seize the day, give it everything I got and leave the testing room knowing that it definitely has been one hell of a ride reviewing for the test! I’ll probably forget a good chunk of the vocab words I’ve been cramming into my brain but all the profound and eye-opening insights, realizations and even the constant headaches I gained from reviewing for the SAT are things I’ll forever remember.

I may not have the best study habits, I may not have been the most studious student during the past years, but one thing I can say about the last few weeks is that I really gave my best in trying to make every second count as I prepare for probably the biggest written test in my life so far! Without a doubt, it’s been a growing process, and I’m proud to say that I didn’t just grow as a student or learner, but I’ve also grown as a person!


Good luck to everyone taking the SAT and may the odds be in our favor!



3 thoughts on “It’s Finally SATurday! May the Odds be in our Favor!

    1. doitchoco Post author

      Hello Cessie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yup! I’m wishing the same too hahaha I actually can’t wait for the results on the 20th 😀


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