Lessons I Learned from the “Kindness Revolution” (A Celebration of Volunteerism)

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Last saturday, I attended Hands On Manila’s Kindness Revolution where VOLUNTEERISM was celebrated. Several volunteer organizations and charity groups were present in the event but more importantly 5 zealous change makers delivered impassioned talks that really moved the crowd. From their speeches, I was able to take away several quotes, lessons, insights and realizations that I would like to convey with the rest of the world through this concise but meaningful blog post.

943042_10151485783559482_1751295322_nFrom the first speaker, Shaina Tantuico, the co-founder and executive director of JeepNeed:

1. Reflection makes a difference. It’s during reflection that you learn the most!

2. You learn more about yourself when serving others!

3. Embrace your fears ; being comfortable is no longer safe!

970959_10151485784994482_1789024731_nFrom the second speaker, Ana Kristina Arce, a deaf advocate who stands for the cause of believing in the ability of a person, instead of focusing on the person’s disability:

1. Appreciate who you are!

2. Always find ways to communicate.

3. Think outside the box!

4. Don’t just volunteer, volunteer with HEART! ❤

248196_10151485789269482_119676394_nFrom the third speaker, Rendy Eligio who is currently heading the community pillar of ADP Philippines’ CSR initiative called “CIRCLES”:

1. You can’t blame others for saying NO.

2. You will face challenges and people will give excuses but don’t give up!

3. Lead by EXAMPLE!

4. Do what you think is right, somebody else might just be waiting for you to do it before they do.

5. It has to start SOMEWHERE by SOMEONE.

972337_10151485791074482_496955118_nFrom the fourth speaker, Ica Fernandez who currently works for the Office of the President and is part of PAGASA (Peoples Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy):

1. Relationships are both means and ends of transformation.

2. I am because WE are.

3. EVERYONE matters!

4. Find a way to CONTRIBUTE!

432036_10151485786524482_584154722_nFrom the final speaker, Jose “Quest” Villanueva III, a Filipino singer and songwriter, known for his song “Sige Lang” in 2012. Quest is a hip-hop and R&B singer wherein he won ‘Best Urban Music Video for 2010’ at the MYX Awards Philippines

1. Wherever you go, wherever you are, there’s a need, there’s a problem.

2. VISION: Have a vision in your life; Begin with an end in your mind.

3. PASSION: Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do.

4. FAITH: It takes faith to embody your VISION and fuel your PASSION!

It truly was a lesson filled and inspirational event. I truly hope that everyone is able to embody and apply these lessons and values that these Change Makers highlighted in their talks. What matters  most is that you don’t only take these lessons to heart, but that you also take ACTION! Like Rendy said, “It has to start SOMEWHERE by SOMEONE,” and why can’t that someone be YOU?




3 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from the “Kindness Revolution” (A Celebration of Volunteerism)

    1. doitchoco Post author

      I really wanted to go so yuhh, if there’s a will, there’s a way…..so I found a way to convince my parents to allow me to attend which was I told them I invited friends na to go hahaha =))

      I think I actually saw you and was planning to approach you after but my friends wanted to leave na so we left early =)) The talks were very inspiring though and really showed us that we can be change makers in our own ways! 😀

      We shall have the bloggers meeting soon anyway so see you soon fellow HOM blogger! 🙂

      1. Joben Mariz

        Oh, parents! Hehe. I get those permission problems too. And I also use the “but I’m with my friends” card too haha!

        True! Hope we can finalize the venue/time na hahaha

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