HISTORY and why preparing for the SAT has become FUN!

In preparation for the 25 minute essay in the writing part of the SAT, I’ve really been researching a lot and reading up on a myriad of topics ranging from leaders who bravely fought for a cause to inventors who through their inventions, created a lasting impact in the world . I’m really trying to be more cultured, knowledgeable and aware so that I may be ready for any prompt or topic the test gives.image

It’s really astonishing though how I’m really enjoying learning more about our history, the prominent figures who changed society and the significant events that forever altered our world. I used to find history really mundane and languid but recently, I’ve really learned how to appreciate it and I feel a lot more humane to know these things.


I guess my perspective and approach to history has really changed. Instead of looking at all these as mere facts that I’d need to get an A+ in a test, I’ve learned how to see history as a bridge that will help me learn more about not only myself but about the world. It also helps that reading about these things and then sharing what I learned to others make me sound a bit smarter.

Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863 Honestly, one can’t help but be amazed at what several people were able to do and how they were able to make a lasting difference. Men like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and a lot more fought for what they believed in and sought for equality. It’s truly inspiring reading about their beliefs and what pushed them to make a stand.

Moving away from politics and equality, I’ve also learned so much about inventions, technology and innovation by reading about the lives of Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the other prominent inventors of both the past and the present. Instead of just taking note of their achievements, I’ve learned how to look beyond that and more importantly, analyze and see how they came up with innovative ideas and what traits enabled them to reach new heights. 10974v7-max-250x250

I’ve definitely learned so much already the last two days, and it’s truly amazing how technology allows us to learn about a broad range of topics in such a short amount of time. Knowledge truly is power and with everything I’ve learned the past few days, I’ll hopefully be ready with a couple of examples for the essay no matter what prompt or topic may come out!

edisonLooking ahead though, I plan to continue reading more about history and I definitely think everyone should be more knowledgeable about the past for it truly does have a profuse amount of lessons that we can learn and apply to our present lives!

To end, I’d like to share a quote from Thomas Edison “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.”

No matter how mentally draining, tedious and arduous preparing for the SAT may be, I’ve found a way to enjoy the process and it has definitely been a lot more fun!

I’ve learned so much already from preparing for the SAT not only about math, reading, writing but most importantly, I’ve learned more about the world and myself! Our perspective, outlook and attitude towards life really does make a difference! Life truly is what you make it!



4 thoughts on “HISTORY and why preparing for the SAT has become FUN!

    1. doitchoco Post author

      Thanks man! I’ll definitely try my best! But no matter what score I get, the process has definitely been worth it and lesson filled! Like they say, sometimes, it’s about the climb and not the destination 🙂


  1. deconstructor

    Of course Thomas Edison never worked a day in his life. The things he is well-known for, particularly creating the light bulb, is something he came up with after using other scientists’ ideas without their consent, and hiring scientists to work for him. The fame Thomas Edison got is much more deserved by Nikola Tesla, whose reputation, and inventions, he tried to destroy despite the fact it could have made the world a much better place (I mean, come on, electricity that cannot electrocute people? that’s beyond amazing). Anywaaaay, I love your article though.

    1. doitchoco Post author

      Thanks so much for your input and sharing your thoughts! I respect your arguments and what you think but here are my two cents: Like what Picasso and just a few years ago, Steve Jobs said, “Good artists copy while great artists steal.” Thomas Edison may have used the concepts and ideas of other scientists but there is a reason why he’s the one credited for it. It might have been because he was the one willing to push it further and make it more prominent. And this is basically also the point of my article, we must learn how to learn from the work of successful people in the past and in the present. If this means starting out by copying their ideas then why not if it will lead to the next great invention 🙂

      Regarding Nikola Tesla, I’m not really that informed about him and his relationship with Thomas Edison but he’s somebody I’ll definitely read more about!

      Thanks again for dropping by my blog and letting your voice be heard! 😀



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