Step Out of your Comfort Zone, Take the Initiative, Be the Change and Volunteer TODAY!


The harsh reality is that it’s human nature for us to choose the easier and more comfortable path. At the same time, it is also human nature for us to do things that bring us happiness but the things we do and spend our time on, more often than not, rewards us only with partial and transient happiness. How then does one attain genuine fulfillment and happiness? Well, the formula for authentic happiness isn’t that perplexing, it’s quite simple actually.

what-everyone-wants-from-life-is-continuous-and-genuine-happiness-sayings-quotesIt all starts with a simple ideal called “Volunteerism.” One doesn’t need to be exuding with altruism or benevolence to volunteer, all it takes is one simple step and the rest will fall into place. This crucial and vital stride is more commonly known as, “Stepping out of your comfort zone.” 

comfort-zoneTo a lot of us, stepping out of our comfort zone is not the simplest or most facile of tasks. It takes a lot of willpower, potency, self-esteem but most importantly, a lot of heart. Volunteering entails that you leave all your superciliousness and ego outside as you enter a whole new environment.

8It’s about putting everything aside, becoming more aware of your surroundings and simply caring more. Once you are able to do the aforementioned, you are well on your way to attaining that unparalleled genuine happiness that everyone desires. 

Today, we need more people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and make a difference in the world. It’s not just about personal fulfillment anymore, it’s about being humane, and simply caring more about life and our society.

Be-The-Change-2 A lot of people complain about how imperfect and flawed our society is but they don’t even ponder upon the possibility that their complacency may be the root cause for the flawed society they live in. The key to solving this is to have the INITIATIVE. The initiative to be the CHANGE you want to see.

So what are you waiting for? Volunteer TODAY! It doesn’t have to be so grand or colossal, even simple acts like volunteering to cook for your family, participating in your local charity program, starting a Green initiative or just the simple act of volunteering to teach your siblings or classmates who are having a hard time can make a big difference.

Volunteerism Rome wasn’t built in one day. These simple acts you voluntarily do will build up and a ripple effect will start, and before you know it, what didn’t seem like anything then was the start of something new. Aside from that, volunteering is about building the habit. The habit of caring more about the “You/Them” and less about the “Me.”

484543_4074475639492_1032367188_nAside from the surreal feeling one gets after volunteering for a just cause, volunteering goes a long way. For instance, when you volunteer in a Youth Organization, a Christmas Charity Program, a Peer Counselors Club or maybe even a Teach to Read program, you get to meet new people, broaden your horizons, experience new things, all while making a difference in the lives of others.

We won’t live forever but volunteering and taking the initiative to make something happen can change the lives of many. Isn’t this what life is about? Life is about finding that purpose that will bring you fulfillment and enable you to sincerely say that you made the most out of your life. What better way to leave a legacy then by VOLUNTEERING!

The-best-way-to-find-yourself-is-to-lose-yourself-in-the-service-of-others.-Gandhi-quoteYou’ll be amazed how much YOU can make a difference as long as you have the will to. There are so many outlets out there for you to and find your niche and share your talent and passion to others. You have no excuses for information is so easily accessible now a days, from announcements in Social Media sites to just simply going to Google and searching for local organizations.

Think about the smiles, joys and happiness that you won’t only attain but you’ll also be able to bring to others as well; that alone is reason enough to start volunteering. Don’t wait until it is too late, make a difference TODAY!



PS. For local Filipinos out there who are interested in volunteering and making a difference, I’ve done the research for you and I’ve found a list of volunteer orgs you can join:

Just in time for the season, one of the organizations that will be having a back to school project is Hands On Manila. Please do check out their Facebook page for details on how you can make a difference TODAY:



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