What is Love? Love is YOU!

This is my response to the Daily Prompt on Love, a very touchy and unique topic.


Love is something abstract, something queer, something that cannot be put into terms. To many, love may seem like such a simple and prosaic word but the truth is, it has a much deeper connotation to it. 

Love is what makes life worth living. It’s what makes each day of our lives special. Without love, one wouldn’t have purpose or reason to live. Love is what drives us to wake up every morning, may it be to go to work or to cook a heart warming breakfast for your family. Love is what makes the toughest obstacles, the deepest quagmires, the lowest moments bearable. Love is what allows us to push, fight, bite, claw our way out even if the odds are against us.

Love ultimately affects everything we do. The power of love is magical and really transforms lives! This may sound absurd to some but it’s the truth. We may all have different understandings of love, but it’s because of love that you are who YOU are today!




11 thoughts on “What is Love? Love is YOU!

    1. davidongchoco Post author

      Your posts are also very refreshing! I just have a question though, do you have any Filipino blood because I saw you use a Filipino word in one of your posts, so I’m just curious since I’m part Filipino myself! 😀

      1. davidongchoco Post author

        Hope you continue writing and blogging! It’s really nice seeing fellow Filipino bloggers actively sharing their opinion!

        Hope you also read and learn something from my posts! 😀

      2. codedjeannie

        Already following! 🙂

        Thanks.. Yeah, I’m just a newbie here but I really enjoy sharing my ideas/feelings with other people. 🙂
        Stay connected.


      3. davidongchoco Post author

        Thanks for following! 😀

        Newbie or not, we all have the right to be heard! And yes, blogging truly is an enjoyable experience!

        I love the quotes you post by the way! Short but meaningful! 😀

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