Nothing Will Ever Beat Face to Face Live Communication!

Chatting with friends on Facebook, texting with friends and even conversing on twitter has become prosaic, banal and commonplace especially nowadays where almost every person has a smartphone. Online communication has become a phenomenon and has alleviated a lot of our communication problems.non-social-generation

Communicating with a long lost relative or a friend who lives on the other side of the world has never been this easy. However, the advent and rise of these technologies has hampered and devalued real life communication. We become so engrossed in the online world that we forget about real life.

Don’t get me wrong, social networking sites are ingenious and phenomenal inventions that help us keep in touch with the rest of the world 24/7, but we must not forget about real life and the art of conversing face to face. 167564_10150130985267125_6714093_n

It’s much easier to hide what one is feeling when behind a screen but when face to face, the expressions seen in one’s face is something that’s fresh; something that’s sincere; something that’s real!  Nothing will beat seeing the genuine smile of your friend who has waited days, weeks, or perhaps years just to see you. Nothing will beat seeing your friends laugh whole heartedly at your embarrassing moments instead of the usual “LOL” or “:))” sign had you told them that story through Facebook chat.


We are social beings and authentic happiness comes to us when we are around real people. So what are you waiting for? Give your long time best friend whom you have been chatting with but haven’t seen for ages an invitation to your favorite hang-out place and be refreshed by the difference it makes!



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