Mother’s Day – “A Day of Thank You(s)”

Mother’s day is a day that should definitely be celebrated for mothers hold a special place in this world. Their unique role in our lives has such a tremendous impact that the world just wouldn’t be the same without them. They exude so much love in this world percolating through even the most obdurate human being.

Mothers+Day+Subway+Art+8x10Without mothers, there would be no such thing as life. All our lives start in our mother’s womb. And for most of us, our mothers played an integral and vital role in every step of our development. From allaying our fear of witches, to alleviating the pain we felt when we were sick, our mothers, more often than not, thought and cared for us even during the times that we didn’t care. 

The pacifying powers of mother’s have become so prosaic and mundane to most of us that we end up taking it for granted and forgetting how much our mothers ooze with love and care for us. Just take one second and imagine what life would be like if your mother didn’t care about you or wasn’t there at all.

Who would come to your rescue when your requests you to bring eccentric materials to school? Who would put up with your fatuousness and peculiarity? Who would you go to when you need a appeasing voice? Who would be there when you were at your lowest point not sure what to do in life? Who would reassure you that you are special when you doubted yourself? Who would support you in all the endeavors you entered no matter how anomalous your interests were?thank-you-mom

Yes, believe it or not, we have to accept the fact that no matter how bossy or abrasive our mothers may be at times, they’re still our mom who was there for us during our highest and lowest moments in life. 

On this day, I’d like to thank you, mommy, for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for giving birth to me and not stopping to love me ever since. Thank you for disciplining me and raising me to become who I am today, even if at times I may have hated you for being such a disciplinarian, I know it was for my own good.

190661_1466749687973_5712887_nThank you for the times for giving in to my requests and always thinking about my welfare. Thank you for accepting me even if at times I may be disobedient, adamant, reckless, impulsive, pugnacious or cantankerous. Thank you for supporting me in all my interests (from Digimon, to Beyblade, to Crush Gear, to Yugioh, to Pokemon, to Hockey, to Basketball and everything in between). Thank you for being there for me during the good times and bad.

Lastly, thank you for your never ending love, care and support! I may not be the most obedient son, or the perfect person, but without a doubt, I’m definitely a better person because of you!


Mother’s Day 




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