Top Eight Reasons Why I Miss CHEM CAMP – Part 1 – “In the end we will only just remember how it feels”

It’s monday once again, the start of the week, and surprisingly, I’m actually starting the day off by blogging. You know why? I MISS CHEM CAMP! I’m suppose to be seated in the lecture hall right now laughing at the comical jokes of our hipster Professor but Chem Camp is sadly over. 😦 I guess there’s no better way to spend this time than to remember and write about the reasons why I miss Chem Camp!


8. THE VENUE – The Ateneo Campus had such a serene and vibrant feel to it. From the towering trees, to the wide grasslands, to the multiple buildings and halls, Ateneo just had a different feel to it. It really started to feel just like home especially after all the memories that were made in there!


7. MY BODY CLOCK – At first, I was really skeptical about waking up early to attend Chem Camp but as I got to know the Chem Campers and as the weeks flew by, I actually started waking up early for I started to look forward to Chem Camp. This is why today (Monday) feels so wrong that even if I woke up early, there’s no more Chem Camp!! :((


6. THE LECTURES – Although there were obviously some mundane and vapid lectures, more often than not, the professors who handled the Camp were able to keep it interesting by the use of jokes, mind blowing facts and interesting stories. At the same time, the topics they chose to teach us were also very practical and could easily be seen in real life. Topics like crime scene investigation, sugars in the food we eat, and a lot more.


5. THE EXPERIMENTS – I’ve never really been an enthusiast of doing experiments since I find it really tedious and banal but the experiments in Chem Camp helped me see things from a different light. The practicality and unique nature of most of the experiments made me feel really accomplished after I completed each one. From the tie-dying of the shirt, to the making of bouncing putty to the making of lip-stick, I really did learn a lot of things and at the same time, have a lot of stories to tell! Sadly though, I wasn’t able to do the experiment that I was looking forward to the most, Ice Cream Making, since I had to leave early on that day for a game. 😦


4. SINK CONCERTS – No party is complete without the music! Playing music while doing the experiments really helped us connect, bond and stay vibrant and fervent all throughout the procedure. It truly is perplexing how music can bring people together and just make the experience so much more emotional and meaningful! Towards the latter part of Chem Camp, I made sure to play songs that were full of meaning and really made a lot of us realize how much fun we’ve had in Chem Camp.


One song in particular that I played that really got everyone emotional and sentimental was the song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. The lyrics really summed up what an experience it has been for most of us.


“In the end we will only just remember how it feels”

So that rounds up the first 5 five reasons as to why I miss Chem Camp! The top 3 reasons will be coming soon!



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