When Art and Science Collide, You Get….

Art and science may seem like two completely different things but looking closer, they actually complement each other. Can you imagine a world without art or science? What kind of world would that be? Today, there are a countless number of things that would not be possible without the collaboration of art and science.

Based on their common description, art and science are worlds apart. Art leans more towards the creative side, while science deals more with facts. Although they are different put them together and you have your everyday favorites. From modern day technology and high tech gadgets to your favorite novel or movie, art and science played a part in making all these possible.

A more specific example would be the world wide phenomenon known as Harry Potter. You would think that Harry Potter was a novel based solely on the imagination of J.K. Rowling, but contrary to popular belief, J.K. Rowling got help from history and science. In fact, several of the characters, locations, spells and even parts of the plot were based on scientific and historical facts. Science, without a doubt, played a part in the creation of the hit, soon to be classic, but at the same time, the creativity and artistic talents of J.K. Rowling is not to be forgotten for she still has one of the most creative minds out there and the world wide fame of the Harry Potter series is a testament to that.

smartphones-thumbAnother example would be in the field of technology, the advent of smartphones. Smartphones have risen and almost every person tinkers with one each and everyday. Its myriad of functions and applications make it a very efficient and handy tool in our everyday lives. Advancements in computer science is what led to the creation of these types of gadgets but we cant disregard the part art played in the rise of smartphones. The sleek and elegant design of smartphones make them easy to carry around and handle. Aside from this, the interface and design of the applications and the phone itself should be credited to the creative designers and artists.

Truly, art and science go hand-in-hand in making our world a better place to live in. From helping us become more productive through advancements in technology to entertaining us and introducing us to places like Hogwarts.



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