Why I Love This Game

Today was another busy and jam-packed day from the get-go. I had to get up at 7 for chem camp then immediately go straight to Xavier School for our conditioning session and practice lasting from 1-5 pm. Right now, I’m honestly drained, wasted and lethargic. I don’t even feel like moving or even thinking, but there was a particular thing that I just had to write about no matter what.

As you know, during these last few days, I’ve really been questioning myself, my priorities and if everything I’m doing is worth it. Well, my question has been answered and my drive has been reinforced after going through one of the most grueling and arduous practices I’ve ever been through especially because I just got back and because it was scorching hot today, 36 degrees celsius to be precise.


What struck me though was the speech given by my coach about dedication, hard work and why we play the game of basketball. Basketball is a sport that instills in each player a plethora of life values that carry on outside the basketball court. Values like hard work, dedication, perseverance, discipline, teamwork, time-management, confidence, trust, patience and a thousand more. This is what makes waking up each day hurting all over but still persevering and giving it your all during practice. This is what makes all those blood, sweat and tears worth it.

I truly am glad to be back and practicing with the team. Now I know why I endure all the pain and soreness when I can be chilling in my room with air-con doing some other things. I endure all these because of the fact that I love this game. Basketball has given and taught me so much that it wouldn’t be right if I stopped now!



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