Chem Camp Day 2 – Seeing Things From A Different Light

IMG_2356Another day at Chem Camp and another day of learning and seeing things from a different light. This is one of the things that I’ve really learned from the first two days of Chem camp, to see things from a different perspective. Like our teacher said, everyone sees things differently. For instance, an ordinary person would see a chair as a chair, while a chemist would see a chair as a set of molecules bonded together.

It truly is crazy how everyone sees things differently but at the same time, that’s also what makes life so beautiful and what allows us to grow as persons. At times, we are so boxed in that we forget to see the light. It never hurts to listen to what others have to say for they are human to and they have a reason for their beliefs.

Chem Camp so far has really helped me appreciate life more and the beauty of the different things around us. I can’t help but be inspired how chemistry is present everywhere around us and how it has led to the creation of countless things that we use in our everyday life. For instance, the ink of permanent markers are made from non-polar materials while the ink of washable markers are made from polar materials. The secret behind this is that like attracts like so since water is a polar solvent it can wash away the ink of washable markers.

Our teacher was also really good in giving analogies and relating chemistry concepts to real life. One of my favorite comparisons of his was the one about bonds. He mentioned how the more bonds carbon molecules have, the harder to break them apart. The truth can also be said about bonds in real life. The more bonding times and moments we spend with friends, the harder it is to break us apart.

Aside from these real life lessons and applications, Chem Camp has also given me the opportunity to do experiments that I’ve never even done before. For today, we had a blue printing and tie-dying experiment. Although these may sound really simple, it was really fun going through the process and at the same time bringing out the child in me as we tie-dyed our shirts with different colors.

It’s not everyday that you get to be with teachers and friends who see Chemistry in such a different light from the rest of the world. I am really fortunate and thankful to God that I was given the opportunity to be part of this Chem Camp. I use to be really skeptical about the importance of Chemistry but I think I’ve seen the light. Everything truly does have a purpose and maybe, my hard work during third year in Chemistry actually paid-off and resulted in my being invited to this camp!

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” -Tim Burton



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