I’m BACK! SUMMER’S just getting STARTED!

It’s been a really long time, 3 weeks to be exact, since I last opened wordpress and blogged. The past 3 weeks have been an adventure like no other. Each and everyday was full of lasting memories and unimaginable firsts. I really made it a point to make the most out of each and everyday of our trip in Europe and Hong Kong to the point of exhaustion, but looking back, it was more than worth it.

Although it would be impossible to capture and relive every single moment, I will try my best to right about the highlights of the trip and more importantly, what I realized and learned from these events. To be honest, everything happend so quickly and looking back, I sort of miss Europe and its peculiar atmosphere. But then again, I’m glad to be BACK! I’m glad not only to be back in my home sweet home but I’m also glad to be back to BLOGGING!

I actually arrived last friday night and right then and there I wanted to return to blogging but unfortunately, aside from the fact that I’m still kinda getting used to the atmosphere here, I’ve also been really busy. I’m not complaining though for I’d rather be busy than bored trying to kill time. I really want to make the most out of this summer with the mentality that this will be the BEST summer break ever!

What better way to resume summer my summer here than by going to one of my most anticipated events during the summer, Intervillage Basketball Tournament!! It was really fun and diverting to get back to playing the game I loved and at the same time catching up with friends who I only see during this time of the year! It’s crazy how fast and how much we’ve grown since our childhood days yet we still come back here every summer to play the game we love.

Aside from Intervillage, just this weekend, I resumed my SAT review with an unparalleled drive and purpose. I’ve come to realize that nothing comes easy and if I want to make it to a good school abroad, I’d have to step up my game and give it everything I’ve got. If others were able to do it, why can’t I? Right now, I’m really enthusiastic about my review and shockingly, I’ve somehow found a way to enjoy answering those mind-boggling worksheets on vocab and grammar.

I know this is just the start, but I hope that I’m able to keep this same zeal and impassioned drive throughout the summer! From here on out, the mountain will only be getting steeper, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to climb!

Tomorrow will definitely be another wire-to-wire day for Chemistry Camp and Basketball Practice starts tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to making the most out of this summer and with these two new mountains waiting for me, SUMMER has definitely just BEGUN!

I wouldn’t want to be late for my chemistry camp which starts at 7:30 am so I’m signing off, but I promise that I’ll be updating this blog more frequently as I try to slow down this bullet train called SUMMER! Got to make everyday count for SUMMER doesn’t last forever!

“Live everyday like your last.”



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