Exploring the World, Learning New Cultures and Making Lasting Memories

It has become a yearly routine of my family to go abroad during vacations, usually during summer break. These trips abroad have a lot of meaning and bring about a lot of memorable experiences.

My dad always stressed how these trips abroad should be a learning experience of us kids and really broaden our world. He plans trips to different places and always makes it a point that we visit the marked and known spots in each country we visit. Aside from this, he also encourages to try out something new in every trip and really immerse ourselves in the country’s culture. From taking us to Hockey games, Basketball games, Baseball games (based on the country’s national sport) to brining us to shows like Broadway, Cirque Du Soliel and other prestigious cultural events, he really makes it a point to give us the best possible experience.

Sadly, the previous me, believe it or not, hated going abroad and despised being taken to cultural events and going to tourist spots.  Two years ago, I turned down his offer to watch a Broadway show. And just last year, I actually turned down the offer of my father to go to Universal Studious with him and my siblings.

I obviously regret turning down my father’s offers and wasting those opportunities that do not come very often. I can’t go back to the past though, so all I can do is learn from my mistakes and make the most out of the future trips we have. Right now, I am ready to take up every offer of my dad, make the most out of the trip and create experiences and memories that will last forever.

I am truly lucky that I am blessed with a well to do family and we have the means to afford going on trips like these. Not everyone has this opportunity and I am really thankful to God that I am able to venture to new lands and explore places on the other side of the globe.

Oops looks like it’s boarding time, I got to get going for I wouldn’t want to miss the plane ride to a vast land that I’ve heard numerous stories about from history class but never been to before, Europe! Don’t worry, now that I have this blog, I will definitely blog about every surreal moment that I experience in this eurotrip!



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