One Decision, Two Choices

decisionEvery day, we are faced with a profuse number of decisions to make. These decision range from minuscule and peripheral decisions to decisions that can shape your future and change your life for the rest of the way. When faced with inconsequential decisions, one can decided impulsively in an instant without any hesitation, but the same cannot be said when faced with decisions that have so much in stake.

These types of decisions are made even harder and more crucifying when one has to choose between two choices that are equally right and consequential. It becomes a really dreadful and exasperating process choosing between two things that can both possibly shape your life. Even when weighing the pros and cons of both options, a deadlock still emerges for they both offer the same amount of benefits and drawbacks.

When this happens, one starts to look at the possible outcomes and what it can do for his/her future. Like they say, we only live once, and there are some choices that we have to make that will forever impact our life and once made, there will be no looking back.

This is the dilemma I face right now, having to choose between two things that are so different but at the same time so alike. Two things that mean so much to me yet there can only be one. Two things that have so much mystery and uncertainty clouding them. Two things that if I commit to will definitely shape who I am and all my experiences in the near future.

Aside from your inner demons constantly arguing for the different choices and options regularly, added to the equation are your friends, family and other outsiders who try to help you but end up confusing you even more. I’ve realized that you should ask for the opinion of others for they might have a different perspective, but at the same time, it’s just as vital to follow your heart and know what you want for it’s still your life and you should be ultimately be able to live up to your decision and have no regrets.

Situations like these can be a daunting, mind-blowing, heart wrenching process that can drive people crazy but that’s life for you. There’s no use in stressing yourself, over thinking and worrying about the future for there are a myriad of possibilities that can happen that you truly cannot tell what will unfold in the next day, month or week.

I guess it’s time to listen to my own advice, follow my heart, make a final decision, commit myself, and pray for the best!



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