A Picture Perfect Ending – PROM

It was finally the day that every Junior had been waiting for ever since the start of the school year, the most anticipated event and highlight of Junior Year,  Prom. Everything happened so fast that it seemed as if Junior Year just started, and yet, just like that, it’s already all over.


For most if not all Juniors, March 9, 2013 will always be a special day that truly symbolized a passing of rites to adulthood, a transcending moment, a strengthening of bonds and definitely both the end of a roller coaster ride of a year, and the beginning of greater things to come.

For me, it was definitely the most appropriate and picture perfect ending to such a surreal and phantasmagorical Junior Year, which was definitely, the best year of my stay in Xavier School. There were so many different firsts, experiences and memories that were made during Junior Year. Almost everyday was a meaningful and adventure filled day and no doubt, there was no better culminating event to sum up everything that just occured than PROM.

Prom Photo Collage

Looking back, it’s amazing how much time I spent and how much preparation I went through just for that one day to make sure that I made the night of the one person who was arguably the main reason for such an awe-inspring year, a special and memorable one. I really just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks for she was truly the catalyst of such a surreal year. To say the least, the year just wouldn’t be the same if I had not met her.

Whenever I look back and think about everything I had to go through during my Junior Year, I can’t help but feel sentimental that it’s all over. Even with all the tough times, turbulences, challenges and problems I faced during my Junior Year, I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am truly thankful to the Lord for all the blessings he has given me throughout the past school year.

Before Junior Year started, I kept asking myself, why do I even bother to go to school when every single day seemed so mundane and lackluster, and I’ll eventually forget everything I’ll learn anyway? Now that Junior Year has ended, I’ve finally found the answer, “I go to school because of the people (my friends, teachers, teammates, classmates, etc) who make each and everyday special, and because of magical experiences just like PROM.”

When the year began, I was lost, trying to search for my identity but I’m glad to say, I’ve found the light. In so many different ways, it truly has been a life changing year. To be frank, even a million words wouldn’t be enough to describe and capture the essence of what a Junior Year it has been.

The closest quote that can sum up what a year it has been is a quote from the Disney Movie Prom,

“Prom…a night when nice guys might not finish last. When friends might completely surprise you. When the person you where at in high school, could change in an instant. Maybe you find what you’re lookin’ for. Or maybe you just find, yourself. It’s true one night can bring us all together but it’s more than that. ‘Cause when it ends, it’s really just the beginning.” – Nova from Disney’s Prom

From the first day to the last day, it had definitely been a year like no other, but it truly is just the BEGINNING!

Prom - A Picture Perfect Ending To My Junior Year

Prom – A Picture Perfect Ending To Such A Surreal Junior Year



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