What time is it? SUMMER TIME!!!!

It’s every student’s most anticipated time of the year, Summer time! This something every student looks forward to especially after going through a grueling school year filled with school work and other extra-curricular activities. A lot of students are looking forward to being able to stay up really late playing video games, going on movie marathons and waking up past noon. That has been the routine of countless of students.

Years back, I’d be part of that cluster who would just bum around and really just “chill” and “relax” during the summer, but this year, in line with the phantasmagoric Junior Year I just had, I plan to make this Summer a Summer like no other, and I will make sure that I’m able to document all the surreal but evanescent moments that will take place.

The first few days of Summer 2013 has really been a roller coaster ride and I’m just glad that I was able to survive it. Summer just started and yet I’ve already gone through myriad activities that have really kept me on my feet figuratively and literally. I won’t beat around the bush anymore, and I’ll go straight to the point for there have been several bi-polar experiences and different highlights from my first 3 days of Summer Vacation already.

Here is the a rundown of the profuse experiences of my first two days of Summer:

1. Prom Attire Shopping

2. Basketball Tryouts (2 days straight)

3. DWTL Grand Mass

4. Xavier Lip Dub Orientation and actual Shooting Day

5. Study Abroad Seminar and Talk

It really is shocking how I’ve been even busier during these first two days of summer than when I still had school. During the past two days, I actually came home at 8 and 8:30 pm respectively, and immediately just ate dinner and couldn’t help but hit the sack and recharge. It has really been a whirlwind of a summer already, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Although because of this really busy schedule, I haven’t been able to blog as often, I’ve truly learned a lot of new things from all these experiences already. Don’t worry, I will definitely find time to write about most if not all of these awe-inspiring events.

I am on a roll right now and you can carve it on stone, SUMMER 2013 will be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!!! This is just the start, and I know there will still be plethora of new experiences and roller coaster rides waiting for me this Summer! Gone are the days where I spend my summer bumming around and just being a coach potato. I will make this summer count for life is what you make it!



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