Ascend Rosehill Fair – A Journey to the Bundoks (Mountains)

March 1, 2013 – Ascend Rosehill Fair

IMG_1052This fair was something I was looking forward to ever since the start of last week because as you know I’ve become an ardent fan of fairs. Aside from this, it would also be my first time to go to Rosehill, a school that prior to last year, I never knew existed. True to its name, you have to really trek and traverse a hill in order to get to RoseHILL.

To add to all that, this was also the first ever fair of Rosehill so it was something that really enticed me to attend. My mom also made me realize that I should make the most out of these fairs and opportunities for when I go to college and when I grow older, I may not have time to attend these fairs anymore or there won’t be as many fairs anymore to attend to.

To be quite honest with you, the journey itself to this novel and unchartered school was a memorable experience altogether. Even if our total time on the road was even longer than the time we spent in the fair, it was all worth it. I’m really thankful that I have crazy and jocular friends who really keep the mood very lively and vibrant.

Finding the place was really a challenge and we even got loss several times but just like in life, you will get lost, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach your destination is very satisfying. Like they say, life is about the journey, not the destination. After two long hours, several stops and after inquiring about the place several times, we finally found our destination.

As we stepped inside, we were a bit culture shocked by the type of booths and how the fair wasn’t as jam packed as our school fair, but then again, it was the first ever fair of Rosehill. Because of the very draining ride, I was honestly a bit tired already especially since the previous day I only got 6 hours of sleep reviewing for our chem exam. I didn’t have much energy left and after seeing how the fair didn’t really have booths, I knew that I needed to find a way to make the most out of my time there.

When I saw that they had this sort of bungee/trampoline jumping thing, I just knew that this was something I had to try especially since it was something new and looked really fun. At first though, I was bit scared and thinking whether or not it was worth it, but I realized that I wouldn’t know unless I tried and besides, even 5 year old kids were doing it, so why not. Turns out that trying out this bungee jumping thing made the Rosehill Fair a memorable one and one I will never ever forget.

Who would’ve thought that even after seeing several people try it before me, I’d still end up not following the instructions and making a fool out of myself? Well, I guess I was overly excited especially since prior to finally trying it out, I was caught by one of the catchers and I ended up getting water ballooned and soaked up. Once that happened, I regained my zeal and vibrance and I was really game to do anything already and make the most out of the fair. Then, one of the most embarrassing moments in my life happened. I ended up jumping up and down while the mechanism wasn’t turned on yet which led to my falling and tumbling out of the trampoline. It was a really hilarious and crazy moment that my friends really got a good laugh at. To add to that, my friend was able to take a video of it so this is something that I won’t ever forget for the rest of my life.

During fairs, one is truly able to just forget about everything else, have a good time, laugh your heart out and just do things that you’ve never done before. From the throwing of water balloons and sponges, to the bungee jumping experience, to the laugh trip with friends, traveling to the mountains to attend this fair was definitely worth it!

From that embarrassing and crazy experience of mine, I truly learned that sometimes you have to listen more carefully, pay attention to detail in order to avoid doing stupid things or embarrassing yourself. But then again, sometimes experience is truly the best teacher. Like my sister said when my parents were starting to berate me for doing something “risky” like that, “How would we know, we’ve been really sheltered for so long.” Then my mom followed with up by saying, “Yes, I’m not saying it’s bad that you’ve been going out and trying new things, all I’m saying sometimes you have to be careful.” I guess they’re both right and I’m actually really glad that my parents and siblings care. At least now I know that you shouldn’t jump first when the mechanism isn’t turned on yet.

Looking back though, I wouldn’t have it any other way for following off the trampoline was what made the day a day that I will forever remember. The video of me bungee jumping and then falling of the trampoline is something I will definitely show to my children in the future and hopefully they will not commit the same mistake as me and hopefully they learn to be patient and follow instructions, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt if they want to experience it for themselves (actually, it might hurt a bit physically, especially in the stomach when you rematch what happens and started laughing your heart out).

March has just begun, but it has definitely already been a month like no other!



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