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Exploring the World, Learning New Cultures and Making Lasting Memories

It has become a yearly routine of my family to go abroad during vacations, usually during summer break. These trips abroad have a lot of meaning and bring about a lot of memorable experiences.

My dad always stressed how these trips abroad should be a learning experience of us kids and really broaden our world. He plans trips to different places and always makes it a point that we visit the marked and known spots in each country we visit. Aside from this, he also encourages to try out something new in every trip and really immerse ourselves in the country’s culture. From taking us to Hockey games, Basketball games, Baseball games (based on the country’s national sport) to brining us to shows like Broadway, Cirque Du Soliel and other prestigious cultural events, he really makes it a point to give us the best possible experience.

Sadly, the previous me, believe it or not, hated going abroad and despised being taken to cultural events and going to tourist spots.  Two years ago, I turned down his offer to watch a Broadway show. And just last year, I actually turned down the offer of my father to go to Universal Studious with him and my siblings.

I obviously regret turning down my father’s offers and wasting those opportunities that do not come very often. I can’t go back to the past though, so all I can do is learn from my mistakes and make the most out of the future trips we have. Right now, I am ready to take up every offer of my dad, make the most out of the trip and create experiences and memories that will last forever.

I am truly lucky that I am blessed with a well to do family and we have the means to afford going on trips like these. Not everyone has this opportunity and I am really thankful to God that I am able to venture to new lands and explore places on the other side of the globe.

Oops looks like it’s boarding time, I got to get going for I wouldn’t want to miss the plane ride to a vast land that I’ve heard numerous stories about from history class but never been to before, Europe! Don’t worry, now that I have this blog, I will definitely blog about every surreal moment that I experience in this eurotrip!



Small Acts of Kindness Do Make A Difference

Just the other day, I met this one person who’s actions really stood out and struck me. This person didn’t do something crazy, spectacular or out of the blue, this person simply offered to take my picture with my graduating sister. It was such a simple act that no one would really expect and what a lot of other people would take for granted, but it was an act of kindness that really touched me. Honestly, this person could have chose to just let us be and not mind us at all, but this person was so amiable and affectionate that she cordially offered to take our picture.

“Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty” – Sylvia Rossetti

During this day and age, it is not everyday that you meet an affable person who offers his/her help without having to be asked. That’s what you call initiative and genuine kindness. In terms of sheer impact, what this person did may not have moved mountains but it definitely made a difference, for me at least. Here’s the thing, a lot of us think that these minuscule  acts won’t make a difference so we end up being passive and not doing anything, but in reality, these simple acts can make a difference.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  -Aesop

We are social beings and one small act of kindness can create a ripple effect throughout the world. When one does a small act of kindness to one person, that person will feel really grateful and in turn, will try to do be more altruistic and do acts of kindness in his own simple way. This will lead to him/her affecting the people around him/her and really inspiring others to follow the first person’s lead and be more compassionate to others. This will end up creating a domino effect and before you know it, one small act of kindness could be the start of a thousand more, then maybe people will see that one simple act, no matter how small, can make a difference.

“Kindness gives birth to kindness.” ~ Sophocles

Meeting this person truly was a blessing from God and I want to share this blessing to everyone in the world. The small act of kindness that I received just the other day from that person is something that has truly inspired me to be more warmhearted and to spread this kindness and what better way to do this then by blogging.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Teresa

To end this blogpost, I challenge everyone, myself included, to be more compassionate, more benevolent, more altruistic, more cordial and in the simplest word, more KIND. Smile more, give more, care more and simply LOVE more.

I also encourage fellow bloggers to write a post about kindness or about their own experience about small acts of kindness and how it has made a difference in their life.

kindness 2


The Man Who Never Fails To Inspire

This blog post is something that I’ve decided to write the day the beloved Director and President of Xavier School gave his last general assembly speech, which was on February 21, 2013. I chose to finally complete this post today and dedicate it to him as he ends his run as Director and President of Xavier School.


This man has brought about a myriad number of innovations and moved a profuse amount of lives in the last twelve years. Personally, these last twelve years have been a journey like no other, and it truly is heart breaking how the one man who made it all possible and the one man who made my journey in Xavier school such a surreal experience is leaving right before my culminating year in Xavier, senior year, the year I graduate.

This man and beloved Director of Xavier School is non-other than the revered Father Johnny Go from the Society of Jesus. I really don’t know how to thank such a passionate and fervent man who moved mountains and changed the lives of thousands of people. Honestly, it would be impossible to put into words the impact Father has had in not only Xavier School, but also in the educational development and culture of the Philippines. He pioneered and spear-headed several projects and innovations that ultimately, transformed Xavier into if not the best school in the Philippines, definitely one of the top schools in the country. He revolutionized the way we learned and brought about changes that an ordinary director would not even think of contemplating, but Father Go is no ordinary director.

Group Pic with Father in DWTL GRAND MASS

He was an innovator, a man who was not afraid to take risks if he knew the outcome would be worth it. He has given us students a learning experience like no other that we could have only dreamed of. Trusting us students and giving us the power to take advantage of technology by allowing us to bring MacBooks and iPads to school are just some of the few things that have taken our Xavier learning experience to a whole new level.

It really is mind boggling how just a few years back, I was sitting in the classroom listening and learning from Father Go himself. I was truly fortunate to be part of the select few who have experienced being taught by Father Go for an entire school year. Looking back at those unconventional classes and all the novel activities he made us do, that one year under Father Go was one of the most life-changing and surreal years in my stay in Xavier School. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t even be writing this blogpost or you wouldn’t even be reading this blogpost for I wouldn’t even contemplate on making a blog if it weren’t for those unbelievable sessions with Father Go about the power of words (Father Go is a ardent blogger himself and one of the best at that; His works never fail to inspire. Check out his blog here:

As he ends his venture here in Xavier School, I can’t help but feel sentimental and at the same time thankful that I was able to learn from such an accomplished man, who emphasized the importance of taking risks, stepping out of your comfort zone and continually learning each and everyday. Father proved to us that each one of us can make a difference in this world as long as we aren’t afraid to step out of our comfort zone and believe in what we are capable of doing.

His parting speech during his last general assembly about how he ended up become director and what he learned during all those years leading Xavier school really moved a lot of people and left everyone in awe. Father Go never fails to inspire people and he truly has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people. Just with his words, you can’t help but be inspired to make the most out of life.

Picture with Father Go

There were two lessons from Father Go that really struck me. These two lessons are lessons that I will never forget.

The first lesson and quote from Father during that speech that really struck me was, “You have to love what you’re doing.” In life, we will be place into situations and scenarios that we don’t expect but nevertheless, in all these situations we must learn how to adapt and love what we’re doing. When one loves and enjoys what he/she is doing, one is filled with a different zeal and vibrance that enables one to make the most out of the situation.

The second lesson that I learned from Father’s speech was that, “Everyday is a chance to learn something new and grow as a person; We never stop learning until the day we die.” Nobody is perfect and there will always be things that we can learn. The world has so much more to offer and there is still a numerous amount of things that we do not know.

Father Go was thrown into an unknown and foreign situation the day he was assigned to become director, yet he took everything with a positive stride and made the most out of his situation. He learned how to love what he was doing and eventually pass on and instill in a lot of students the same mindset. He made everyday a learning experience and never stopped learning. He stepped out of his comfort zone and made changes that no other director would ever think about.

He is the perfect embodiment of MAGIS, going the extra mile. Even when he could’ve just laid back and go with the norm, he didn’t for he wanted to give us students the best possible education and learning experience so that we could grow into men fully endowed with the passion for justice and the skills for development. Just by looking at Father Go and everything he has done, one can see what a Xaverian is all about, a man for others. A man who moves mountains and goes the extra mile, not for personal glory, but for the betterment of thousands and thousands of young men.

Father Go truly is an inspiration to thousands and thousands of people. Father Go will always be a man I will look up to for he shaped me into who I am today and changed my life in more ways than one. Dedicating this blogpost to him his the least I could do to show my gratitude to Father Go and everything he has done not only for me, but for the whole Xavier Community in his stint as Director and President!

Thank you so much Father Go and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors!

Radiance Pic with Father Go


One Decision, Two Choices

decisionEvery day, we are faced with a profuse number of decisions to make. These decision range from minuscule and peripheral decisions to decisions that can shape your future and change your life for the rest of the way. When faced with inconsequential decisions, one can decided impulsively in an instant without any hesitation, but the same cannot be said when faced with decisions that have so much in stake.

These types of decisions are made even harder and more crucifying when one has to choose between two choices that are equally right and consequential. It becomes a really dreadful and exasperating process choosing between two things that can both possibly shape your life. Even when weighing the pros and cons of both options, a deadlock still emerges for they both offer the same amount of benefits and drawbacks.

When this happens, one starts to look at the possible outcomes and what it can do for his/her future. Like they say, we only live once, and there are some choices that we have to make that will forever impact our life and once made, there will be no looking back.

This is the dilemma I face right now, having to choose between two things that are so different but at the same time so alike. Two things that mean so much to me yet there can only be one. Two things that have so much mystery and uncertainty clouding them. Two things that if I commit to will definitely shape who I am and all my experiences in the near future.

Aside from your inner demons constantly arguing for the different choices and options regularly, added to the equation are your friends, family and other outsiders who try to help you but end up confusing you even more. I’ve realized that you should ask for the opinion of others for they might have a different perspective, but at the same time, it’s just as vital to follow your heart and know what you want for it’s still your life and you should be ultimately be able to live up to your decision and have no regrets.

Situations like these can be a daunting, mind-blowing, heart wrenching process that can drive people crazy but that’s life for you. There’s no use in stressing yourself, over thinking and worrying about the future for there are a myriad of possibilities that can happen that you truly cannot tell what will unfold in the next day, month or week.

I guess it’s time to listen to my own advice, follow my heart, make a final decision, commit myself, and pray for the best!


Daily Prompt 180 degrees : Why I now ♥ SCHOOL

I was never really an advocate of waking up at 6 am each and everyday just to make it on time to school. Yes, you read that right, SCHOOL, a place where you sit around for more than 8 hours listening to boring lectures while staring at the clock, and waiting for the bell to ring. I always just saw school as a routine that I had to go through just because my parents said I needed it to be successful in life.

Wake up, prepare, head to school, sit through all the boring classes, wait for the bell, go home. It was honestly getting really mundane and torpid that was until last year when I finally learned how to really just enjoy the ride and make the most out of the hours I spent in the classroom. I learned how to just enjoy  learning and what I was doing.

Our mindset truly does make a difference. The moment I learned how to think positive and look at school as something fun, I actually started to look forward to going to school. To be honest though, my classmates and friends really played a big part in changing my mindset and giving me something to look forward to. The atmosphere when you’re with jocular, gregarious and cordial classmates is just truly phenomenal and awe-inspiring. It’s like a virus that spreads to each and every person, and everyone just starts to enjoy, have fun and forget all the reasons why one despises school.

To be honest, I actually miss going to school already and having fun with my crazy and vibrant classmates and friends. These people and all the indescribable experiences I’ve had with them truly gave me a reason to go to school.  Being part of 3A, a class that may not be the brightest or the most intelligent, but a class that was definitely the most zealous, fervent and fun to be with it really  taught me how to look beyond the grades and realize that school has so much more to offer. It truly is about the blooming friendships, the vibrant atmosphere, and off-course the phantasmagorical moments and experiences that are made possible only when unique and special people get together in the place we call SCHOOL.

The class that taught me how to simply enjoy school!

The class that taught me how to simply enjoy school! I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Definitely Thankful that I got to be part of such a class!

It’s funny how when I’m finally enjoying school and making the most out of the experience, I only have one more year left before I graduate. Putting it that way, I actually feel really sad that my stay in Xavier will be over before I know it, but looking it from a different perspective, I’m actually really lucky that I still have one more year to enjoy and make the most out of.

Class field trip and bonding session in Corregidor

Class field trip and bonding session in Corregidor – Just one of many memorable experiences with such an amazing class!

My Junior Year was really a fun-filled and surreal year that truly made me take a 180 degree turn for the better. Being part of H3A really taught me how to simply enjoy the little things and make the most out of each and every day. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I am truly thankful that I got to be part of such an A-WESOME class!

Looking forward, I hope that my Senior Year will be just as good or even better! With my new mindset, I know that anything is possible! The sky truly is the limit and I plan to make the most out of the one last year I have left in Xavier School!



Daily Prompt Silver Screen: “There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

I honestly have more than a thousand favorite movie quotes because in almost every movie there is that one quote that just sums everything up and has a way of making you think about life and reality. Nevertheless, if there is one quote that has stuck with me all throughout the year ever since I watched the movie it belonged to.

“There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

Yup, for those of you who don’t know or don’t remember where this quote came from, well, it’s from, in my opinion, one of the top movies from 2012, “Wreck-it Ralph.” If you haven’t watched this awe-inspiring, touching and at the same time vibrant movie, you better watch it now!


In life, there will really be moments where in you question yourself and become envious of what others have or who they are or who you aren’t.  We ask questions like, “why can’t I be like *insert name of person here*?”; “why can’t I do this or why I can’t do that when my peers can?”;  “why am I not as tall or as handsome as him?”;  “why can’t I jump as high as he can?”; “why can’t I be as slim as him?”; “why can’t I be just as good in singing as him?” and a thousand more different questions that almost every person sub-consciously ponders upon each and everyday.

These are questions that pop up in our heads especially when we see people who are better at something than us and are getting more attention because of that something they can do that we can’t.

This quote truly touched my heart and made me realize that I should be proud of who I am for I am just as unique and special as every other person out there. We are all human beings who have our own set of strengths, talents and gifts. God created us equally, it’s just that we should discover and find our niche and what we are good at.

One should not be envious of what others have or else, you never will be happy for there will always be someone out there better than you. What we must realize is that all we can control is the effort that we give and our outlook in life. We only truly live once and there is no use trying to be someone else, or someone you aren’t. You can’t change who you are, but you can work hard and make the most out of what you have for like I’ve always said, “Life is what you make it.”

Instead of looking at what you don’t have and what others have, why not try looking at what you have and what makes you special. When you do this, you’ll come to realize how lucky you are and how blessed you are. We humans can become really one sided and have a boxed out view but once we are able to open up and learn how to look at things from a different perspective, that is when we are truly able to enjoy life and be happy with our respective lives.

Up to today, whenever I start to doubt or question myself or whenever I start getting frustrated with my life, I just remember this quote from Wreck-it Ralph for “There’s no one I’d rather be than me!” This quote never fails to change my mood into a more positive one. It has a way of making you appreciate who you are for we all deserve love and appreciation, and this love and appreciation starts from within!


Count your blessings, appreciate what you have, think positive, smile, be proud of who you are and live life to the fullest!


A Picture Perfect Ending – PROM

It was finally the day that every Junior had been waiting for ever since the start of the school year, the most anticipated event and highlight of Junior Year,  Prom. Everything happened so fast that it seemed as if Junior Year just started, and yet, just like that, it’s already all over.


For most if not all Juniors, March 9, 2013 will always be a special day that truly symbolized a passing of rites to adulthood, a transcending moment, a strengthening of bonds and definitely both the end of a roller coaster ride of a year, and the beginning of greater things to come.

For me, it was definitely the most appropriate and picture perfect ending to such a surreal and phantasmagorical Junior Year, which was definitely, the best year of my stay in Xavier School. There were so many different firsts, experiences and memories that were made during Junior Year. Almost everyday was a meaningful and adventure filled day and no doubt, there was no better culminating event to sum up everything that just occured than PROM.

Prom Photo Collage

Looking back, it’s amazing how much time I spent and how much preparation I went through just for that one day to make sure that I made the night of the one person who was arguably the main reason for such an awe-inspring year, a special and memorable one. I really just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks for she was truly the catalyst of such a surreal year. To say the least, the year just wouldn’t be the same if I had not met her.

Whenever I look back and think about everything I had to go through during my Junior Year, I can’t help but feel sentimental that it’s all over. Even with all the tough times, turbulences, challenges and problems I faced during my Junior Year, I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am truly thankful to the Lord for all the blessings he has given me throughout the past school year.

Before Junior Year started, I kept asking myself, why do I even bother to go to school when every single day seemed so mundane and lackluster, and I’ll eventually forget everything I’ll learn anyway? Now that Junior Year has ended, I’ve finally found the answer, “I go to school because of the people (my friends, teachers, teammates, classmates, etc) who make each and everyday special, and because of magical experiences just like PROM.”

When the year began, I was lost, trying to search for my identity but I’m glad to say, I’ve found the light. In so many different ways, it truly has been a life changing year. To be frank, even a million words wouldn’t be enough to describe and capture the essence of what a Junior Year it has been.

The closest quote that can sum up what a year it has been is a quote from the Disney Movie Prom,

“Prom…a night when nice guys might not finish last. When friends might completely surprise you. When the person you where at in high school, could change in an instant. Maybe you find what you’re lookin’ for. Or maybe you just find, yourself. It’s true one night can bring us all together but it’s more than that. ‘Cause when it ends, it’s really just the beginning.” – Nova from Disney’s Prom

From the first day to the last day, it had definitely been a year like no other, but it truly is just the BEGINNING!

Prom - A Picture Perfect Ending To My Junior Year

Prom – A Picture Perfect Ending To Such A Surreal Junior Year