Science Fair – Chemistry of Social Beings At Its Best

Fountain International Science Fair – February 23, 2013

I was never really a fan or advocate of fairs, let alone Science Fairs but recently, I’ve become more a more outgoing and gregarious person for I’ve realized how much fun fairs can be.

When my mom mentioned to me how there was an ongoing Science fair last Saturday, I was really fascinated and curious as to what this fair had to offer. It’s not everyday that you see grade school and high school students presenting their respective science and math projects in middle of a mall in front of the public.

I was really excited to go and see the different projects of young minds more or less the same age as me. I also saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I immediately called up several friends of mine if they were available or if they wanted to accompany me. A lot of them had previous obligations already but luckily, I had one friend who was willing to accompany me and be my partner in crime for the day.

It was also just last saturday when we had our Chinese Quarterly Oral Test, so I was really hyper and in a good mood already when I headed to V-mall where the Science fair was taking place. I had nothing to lose anyway and everything to gain especially since I had nothing planned for that afternoon and I would’ve ended up just bumming around if I didn’t go. Aside from that, I was really going to V-mall to finally buy an otter box for my phone.

As I caught sight of the Science fair, I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to see any breathtaking projects or get to meet any new friends but I knew I wouldn’t know unless I tried. I just said to myself, I won’t lose anything if I go but if I don’t go, I might have just passed on an amazing opportunity to learn and make new friends.

To my surprise, I actually had one amazing and breath taking experience. Some of the booths that really astonished me and left me a bit in awe were the solar powered robots and the mind reading using binary codes. These two were really innovative and it was really inspiring how students younger than me were able to come up with these projects.

What really made last saturday a surreal experience was the fact that I really interacted with the students and simply had fun trying out their inventions, inquiring about their projects and flat out just conversing and having a good time. I even made new friends and that feeling of gaining new friends will never get old.

The joy and extraordinary feeling one gets when interacting, socializing and getting to know new people is just indescribable. Quoting from my CLE teacher, we are social beings and we need each one in order to make the most out of our lives. Going to this science fair and getting to meet new people was an experience like no other and was definitely time well spent.



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