What Does Matter?

It was another one of our Chinese classes where the class was really rowdy and hyper for the school year is about to end and there are only a few more Chinese classes. One of my classmates even said, “Learning Chinese really doesn’t matter for me, I’m just studying to pass and not go to summer classes.” Those lines really struck and led me and my friend, who just like me came from Chinese Advanced class to talk about those days and about how fast the school year has gone by and how fast our stay in Xavier School has been. We reminisced upon our previous Chinese classes and how our Grade 7 Chinese Class was one of the worse times in our lives for we had a really strict teacher, but fast forward 3 years later and what happened and the grades we got during that year don’t even matter anymore.

This really got me thinking as to what really does matter in life. Does it matter if we turn out to be failures in life? Does it matter if we turn out to be the next Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Does it matter if we are rich or poor? We may have different lifespans here on earth, but won’t we all end up dead anyway? so what does matter?




Source for image: http://juansthots.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/what-matters-most.jpg?w=480


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