Life’s Too Short…..(To Worry About What Matters Most)

There are so many different things that happen in life that it truly is impossible to have everything go your way. No matter who you are, you will face quagmires, turmoils, debacles and turbulences in your life long journey, but does it matter? You may not get the result or happy ending you want, but these times will past bye.

In our everyday lives, we will meet different types of people. People who are supercilious, complacent, garrulous, indolent, lavish, benevolent, cantankerous or even downright nefarious, but will it really matter in the long run? Thinking about it, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Life is very perplexing and paradoxical in nature. Anything can’t happen, and more often than not, we don’t have any control of what can occur. Maybe this matters, then again, maybe it doesn’t.

I’ve truly been busy the past few days, and it was only now that I got to write these last two posts and reflect upon what really matters. As I finish writing this second post, I think I now have an answer to my previous post on “what does matter?” We truly won’t know what does matter most right now, but I realized that life’s too short to stress upon what matters and what doesn’t. Somethings may mean the world to you right now, but tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year, will it be the same? See, you can’t answer that, can you?  A lot of the things we value right now are more often than not fleeting and ephemeral things that only give temporary happiness. What I’m trying to say is that what matters most is something that should matter most not just today but everyday for the rest of your life. That’s what matters MOST! And you know what, I’ve realized that you’ll only truly be able to see and know this during the end of your life.



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