Phantasmagorical Moments that Make Life Worth Living – Feb 12, 2013

*This was written during Feb 13, 2013, but I only got the time to post it now so the use of “yesterday” and “last night” may be a bit confusing.

Feb 12, 2013 was one of the most surreal days in my life for it was a day filled with emotions and feelings that I will never be able to fully explain. What happened yesterday night (feb 12, 2013) is something that I will never ever forget for it was, in more ways than one, one of the most heart-throbbing moment in my life. Without further ado, it was the night I finally got my act together and PROMposed to the one friend who truly made the past year, a year like no other.

As you’ve probably read in my post titled, “The One Promblem where Imperfect is Perfect,” prom and finding the right date has been bothering for the past few weeks and even months. It was only last night (Feb 12, 2013) that all my confusion, anxiety and stressing over Prom was finally alleviated.

There’s always a first time and what happened on that day was a day full of firsts. It’s quite dumbfounding how when I was preparing to ask and the entire day prior to me asking, I felt so nervous and I just wanted the day to end; But looking back, I actually want to be able to do it all over again for I want to experience that mystifying fervor and zeal once more. Life truly is full of surprises and unpredictable twists and turns. I will never truly understand how in one moment we can feel this way, but in a few moments after, feel the exact opposite. We truly live in a bipolar world, where the scale can quickly be tipped into a different side. I’m not complaining or anything, for the unpredictability of life is what allows us to believe that, miracles do happen.

Quite honestly, 2 months ago, I never really thought of asking the person I just asked. It was only when I experienced that time of the year where you look back at everything that has happened that I truly realized that she was the only person I should ask for my life, more specifically my Junior Year, just wouldn’t be the same. She was the first girl friend who I really talked to and got to know better, so I guess it was just right for me to ask the one person who made my Junior year one of the craziest, highest and most memorable year in my life.

It was only when I left her house and sat in my car that what just happened started to sink in. It was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life for the butterfly build up in my stomach prior to asking was just out of this world. I am just really thankful to God that everything worked out. I was also really fortunate that her sister and her parents were very hospitable and amiable people. They showed no indifference whatsoever and were actually really vibrant and fervent about my plan of surprising this friend of mine.

In thinking up of my Promposal plan, I just wanted to do it in a simple but at the same time meaningful way. It may not have been the perfect Promposal, but I’m just happy that I was able to show my appreciation to this person who honestly, all jokes aside, changed me in more ways than one.


After asking, I just felt really good and it seemed as though I regained my zeal, fervor and vibrance. I felt so full of energy that I couldn’t really fall asleep even if I was really dead tired from all the preparations and thinking about that day I would ask. It was finally done, and now I could focus on making the most out of what is left of my Junior year.

I can truly say that moments like these are what makes life worth living. Although, it may have been some of the longest hours in my life, it’s quite ironic how what seemed like forever yesterday, quickly passed by and became an ephemeral moment that I will forever look back at for it was a moment full of firsts and a moment that truly filled me with feelings and emotions I will never be able to describe. Feb 12, 2013 was simply a phantasmagorical day!



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