Why Math is more than the numbers…..

I haven’t posted in my blog so far because I’ve been bombarded with several assessments and projects as this school year comes to a close. Just yesterday, we also had a field trip to an island called Corregidor, which was a full day thing that sucked all my energy. Aside from that, I recently finally PROMposed to a friend of mine, which really made the past week a really hectic and crazy one.

I’ve really missed writing for my blog during the past week and I will start posting again in the upcoming days for I’ve got a few memories that I’d like to forever remember by writing a post on them, particularly, my PROMposal and my field trip to Corregidor, but since those two will be a bit content heavy, for the mean time, I’d like to share with you guys a part of my WIKI Math assessment that I just finished.

WIKI Math is like a review of our previous practice tests and is an outlet for us to correct our mistakes and at the same time review the different lessons of the past quarter. This is something that was only started this year and is one of the more creative assessments in Math. We are tasked to explain and show our solutions to three difficult items from our past practice tests. We then end it with reflection, where we rate our performance during the quarter and put our realizations. Since it is the fourth and final quarter already of my Junior Year, I decided to make my reflection in the last part a really deep one, and one portion of my reflection that I’d really like to share with the rest of the world is:

“One thing that I really learned this quarter was that Math is more than just the numbers. There was one time when we were working on a really challenging seat work on a new lesson, I remember my classmate who was having a hard time and was quite frustrated already, asking my math teacher, “Cher, how do we use this lesson in our life?” It was really astonishing that my classmate asked this especially since our lesson was on circles, segments and the like, so I too was curious as to how my math teacher would respond.

To my surprise, my math teacher wasn’t shocked and probably expecting the question or has been asked the question previously, she calmly answered, “Sometimes, it’s not always about applying the lesson directly to our daily lives but what we want the students to gain from this, are analytic and critical-thinking skills. It’s about how you respond to certain challenges and how you deal with these types of problems. Are you the type of person, who easily gives up? or are you the type of person, who’ll find every possible way until you are able to find a solution?”

When my classmate heard this, he was obviously silenced and a bit embarrassed for what my teacher just said was the truth for not just math but for school in general. When we grow up and face the real world, we obviously won’t remember all the academic lessons we learned during grade school, high school or college, but what we will remember and what will stay with us for the rest of our lives are the values that we were able to build and gain when we tried to understand the lesson and in answering those perplexing problems.

As Junior Year comes to a close, I can say that the one thing I truly learned from this class is that, “Math it’s not always about the numbers or the grades, but more about the (real life) values we are able to learn from answering all these problems.”



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